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    I have a 2008 Silverado 1500 Crewcab with my warranty ending the latter part of next year. When I bought it the dealer included a "customers for life" deal which included free oil changes and I pay for the filter and get a tire rotation each time I brought it in. Since then the dealer went out of business and sent me to a Toyota dealership he owned. They were changing the oil every 6k with Mobil and assured me it was fine being a new truck because I am old school and been changing my own oil every 3k like clock work. Now they have moved it up to 9k and I'm getting uncomfortable with this. The Toyota place also put my tire sensor in the wrong place...when the left front is down the indicator comes on for the LR.

    I said all that to say this: Can I do the maintenance myself without voiding my warranty if I keep a record and receipts? Can I bring it to an independent garage? The dealers say it will but they want to keep me on that program because my upcoming transmission flush will be be around $400! I don't want to go 9k between changes. I also want to use Mobil1 and do it myself as I have been all my life. In the final analysis it's my truck(warranty gone next year) and want to get the mileage or more I got out of my old 1994 Z-71!

    Thanks in advance! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    There is a law that states that you do not have to use the dealer for maintenance. You can do it yourself and save the receipts as proof or you can go to an independent garage as long as you have receipts stating the mileage and the service performed. $400 for a trans flush is pretty expensive. Quick oil change places do it cheaper, but they do not drop the pan and change the filter. As far as the tire monitor being incorrect, they simply did not recalibrate the system. So, your truck still thinks that the left rear tire is in the left front location. Check your owners manual there may be a way for you to recalibrate it yourself. You can get pretty good prices on mobile 1 at costco, I have also seen autozone put $10 off the 5+quart jug on their website and facebook page.
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    Yes, you can DIY with no fear of voiding your warranty. I've been changine my own oil ever since I owned a vehicle.

    As far as oil changes every 3K, that is not needed when using synthetics. I change my oil every 5-6K with Mobil 1 and have never had a problem as far as lubrication. I also ALWAYS use the AC Delco oil filter. The AC filter is approx the same price as the Fram(junk) and Purolator brand, so it's a no-brainer.

    I am a firm believer that if you change the oil ever 5-6K with Mobil 1 you won't have a problem as far as lubrication. When a mechanic starts to tear an engine down, it will be painfully obvious if you've been neglecting to change the oil regularly.

    $400 for an auto trans flush is pretty steep IMO. You can get it done from a local garage for a lot cheaper I bet.
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    Thanks Guys that is great to know! Yes I use Mobil 1 in my bikes and change every 8k and the filter @4k. Now I can get started on my Chevy! Yes I knew $400 way way too high and this certified GM mechanic told me a "flush" was a lot better than changing the fluid and filter!! I still can't believe he said that unless at the time my mileage was around 18k and the flush would have been ok wth low miles. I know fluids break down and filters clog! :happy:

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