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  1. daanbc

    daanbc New Member

    My 04's warranty is up this october. I can have it extended if I wish. It has 27k on it now. Do you think it pays? 2-yr's=$2050 3-yr's=$2560 4-yr's=$3650 and 6-yr's=$5895.
  2. unplugged

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    An 04 burb is valued at appx 18 - 24k depending on options/condition. Usually extended warranties aren't worth the expense. Edmunds estimates the maintenance expense for the 07 burb over 5 years as:

    [​IMG]Year 1 Year 2 ..Year 3 ...Year 4 ..Year 5 ..5-yr Total
    .$271 ...$688 ....$920 ...$1,675 ....$839 ....$4,393

    The real question is, are you planning to finance the extended warranty or pay cash? If your emergency fund has $5,000 to $10,000 then I would pass on the warranty. If you are planning on putting the warranty on a credit card........consider saving your credit line for any serious repairs that might crop up over the life of the vehicle.
  3. daanbc

    daanbc New Member

    I'll be paying cash. Its an LT with all the toys/towing/dvd/quad leather heated seats/sunroof, you name it this brute has it. LOL. It also has the L59? Motor, runs on gas or the ethenol. Like I'll ever see that fuel.
  4. GWAGON_99

    GWAGON_99 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I don't know if it helps but my dad has a 2003 Z71 Suburban with 121K miles he bought brand new. He has kept up with the regular maintenance and has only had to spend about $1600(outside of tires). $1000 of which included dealer labor to install: plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel injector flush, and transmission flush as well a two new sensors. It runs like it is brand new with no problems.:biggrin:
  5. daanbc

    daanbc New Member

    Its already has 4-brand new tires, The only thing I have done to it was add limo tint, Its black with the camel? Leather interior.
  6. esponet

    esponet Rockstar

    depends. its like gambling (almost)
    what i would do if it was me.
    assuming i bought the truck brand new, i knowhave taken good care of it, and no problem so far, i would not buy extended waranty. if i continue doing the same thing then i don't forsee having a major problem.

    if you think you might have mis treated the truck in any way, and that it might brake down or just to have that piece of mind then by all means get the extended waranty.
  7. daanbc

    daanbc New Member

    We purchased it used. Back in december. Traded in our 06 Impala LTZfor it. Wife wanted it. Paid 22k out the door on the road. Had the orig. window sticker in the glove compartment, along with the orig. owners info! So I gave them a ring as the wife and I took it for a test drive. LOL. I've done this before. Its been taken care of, and I change the oil every 4500 miles, I use synthetic. But for the peace of mind thing? I might just get an extra 24 months. Thanks folks.
  8. esponet

    esponet Rockstar

    is it a 24months and 24k miles??find out how many miles they give you.
  9. ChevyFan

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    If you're getting a factory warranty it's different than getting an aftermarket "extended warranty" which is really just a service contract.

    There are several factors:

    1) do you only get work done by someone else, or can the work be done by yourself, thus saving labor costs?

    2) are you prepared to pay cash if you don't get the warranty?

    3) do you have the discipline to save the money in an emergency fund, even if that's an online savings account like ING Direct? Personally, we have did not purchase the extended warranty on the Trailblazer becuase I did not think the cost (which is negotiable) was worth it over time. I paid cash for the Cavalier and it came with an aftermarket service contract good for like 80k miles, cost me like $25 to transfer it into my name, so that's worth it, even though it only covers so much stuff. Anyhow, we have $100 transferred to an online account just for emergencies, which I've had to use a lot lately, BTW!
  10. daanbc

    daanbc New Member

    This is from factory, covers everything, inc. wear/tear-breakage-loaner car- for 24 months or 24k after my 39 month 39 k is over=oct of 07, it only has 26k on it now I don't believe i'll put 10k on it in the next 7-months. I WON'T get an after market warranty! I've read between the lines on them. LOL.

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