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    Dues adding Dual exhaust and a CAI void the trucks warrenty

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    ....it does not Void the Warranty by installed A Aftermarket Exhaust System........I've Never Heard of a Dealership Voiding a Warranty over a Vehicle having a Aftermarket Exhaust System Installed, take a look at the Below Link.

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    I agree with Mike (99' HEARTBEAT) ....I don't think a dealership would void your warranty because you added dual-exhaust.

    Your warranty will probably expire before you have any after-market exhaust problems anyway.

    Brian from Ontario, Canada
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    Thanks Guys,,,,

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  6. GM Customer Service

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    The New Vehicle Limited Warranty does NOT cover any damage or failure resulting from modification, alteration or suspected tampering, to the vehicle's original equipment as manufactured or assembled by General Motors.

    Any changes to the GM Powertrain, Fuel, or Emission Systems that involve modifications, conversions, or the addition of non-GM approved products will void the GM Powertrain Limited. GM will not be responsible for costs associated with the repair of these vehicles due to failure of the aftermarket installed components or failures of related vehicle systems induced by these non-GM approved products.

    Further more, if determined appropriate, the GM Field Representative can proceed with voiding certain portions of the vehicle’s warranty.

    Additionally, General Motors does not warranty non-GM parts and/or calibrations. The use of parts and/or control module calibrations not issued through General Motors will void the warranty coverage for those components that are damaged or otherwise affected by the installation of the non-GM part and/or control module calibration.

    I hope this helps.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.

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