Was this a GM company owned Burban?

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    New here and trying to purchase a 2007 Suburban 1500 LTZ. The one I am looking at looks like it was a GM company car (just my guess). Odd looking plastic covered device mounted to the right of the radio. Car fax shows no official registration of the car. It was bought by used car dealer at GMAC direct auction.

    Anyone ever see this device before? Should I be running away from this potential purchase

    Here is the link the car listing by the dealer


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  2. retired2001

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    Welcome to the site! Looks like a "glasses holder" or something. Good luck!
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    Welcome to the club!

    I can guarantee you that it is not a GM company car, I work for GM and I will give you a short synopsis of how that works. They are called PEP cars, and they are brand new when they are brought to a plant of choice.

    PEP 1-has up to 3,000 miles
    PEP 2- has 3,001-9,000 miles
    PEP 3- has 9,001-15,000
    PEP 4- has 15,000 miles +

    These only get sold to GM employees and not even family members can buy them, they are crazy discounted and driven by upper level management until the desired mileage is reached and then they get a new vehicle to drive. The title would reflect a $0 balance at point of delivery, as GMAC takes it under another style loan and it would show up on a car fax. But since it is one owner that defies it being a company vehicle, because they are transfered minimum of twice for the two owners. Unless they are lieing about the one owner thing.
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    Hmm, my truck is a 2008, but I just bought it in August of 09. It had under 5300 miles when I got it, so I assumed it was a company car too. It looked completely new except the bed had some obvious wear, but up on the wheel wells and the front rail, like some kind of camper was mounted on it.
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    Thanks for the answers. Nope, wasn't a company car at all and the plastic case was just that, a case. I paid a delivery fee and if the vehicle checked out with my mechanic I would hand over a check. So sort of a sight unseen purchase which made me a bit paronoid.

    Anyway the Burban checked out great and the dealer gave me a credit for the couple of small issues the mechanic found. After 22 years of minivans (2 Astros and 1 Odyssey) I finally own my first SUV.

    BTW I found the dealer (that I linked above) great to deal with and they were very accomodating on delivery. Still need to do your due dil on the specific car and shop around. My observation was that these dealers who do higher volume at more competitive pricing don't spend as much time with each car which are mostly auction cars, hence the need for your own due dil on the car. Still, I found them extremely competitive and above board. My local Chevy dealer would have easiily charged $7k more for an equivilent ride. Cheers!
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