Washer fluid for rear window?

Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by bruceb3, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. bruceb3

    bruceb3 New Member

    Does the rear window washer fluid get fed all the way from the front or does it have its' own reservoir? I hardly use it and have had my '02 Tahoe since last June and it still works. It just never occurred to me to ask...
  2. jhbrennan

    jhbrennan New Member

    One tank in the engine bay.
  3. TRyan9441

    TRyan9441 New Member

    Be careful, sometimes the hose will come apart stopping the fluid from washing the rear window. The fix is simple, just reconnect the house under the rear bumper on the left side.You will know when this needs to be done. You will see the fluid emptying on the ground from the disconnected hose above. Simple fix.

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