Water Getting In Air Filter Box

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  1. palmer_df0130

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    I have a 99 Silverado 5.3L and have noticed that there is water in the airbox. I have not done any off-roading and it's not much, enough to fill 3 or 4 of the squares in the bottom of the box, but it concerns me a little. I have a K&N drop-in filter and I also noticed water droplets on the MAF side of the airfilter seal and the filter itself looks light pink like it has absorbed water. Just doesn't seem normal to me. I put the K&N filter in about 4 months ago and noticed the same thing twice now. Not sure if it's coming in from where it meets up to the fenderwell while driving in the rain or while its parked in the rain. My biggest question is, " Is it going to kill my engine or some other component?" or "Is it normal and I'm just over sensitive about my truck?"LOL!!
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    Sounds like condensation to me. Could be tire spray from driving in the rain, as well. As for damage, any water in the engine is not a good thing.
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    I don't think you're being overly cautious. If I had water in mine I'd sure want to know where it was coming from. You need to find out if it only happens when it's raining, or if this is water that is being thrown up by your tires when driving on wet roads, and/or following other cars. The best way to do this is dry it out so you are sure there is none left in it. Dry everything both directions. Seal it back up. If you have some talcum powder of bakeing soda, shake a nice film of it all around the air filter housing & surounding area, then close the hood, & spray your garden hose to simulate a heavy rain. Don't spray the truck directly, spray it up in the air & let it fall down on the truck. I'm guessing this will take a while since it doesn't accumulate much but give it some time. Pop the hood occasionally & see if there is any indication of water drops around the air cleaner. If not, go again. If you don't want to spend the time this takes, then I would leave it out in the next rain storm (but don't drive it) Leave it sit for as long as it takes, maybe an hour to as much as a day of heavy rain. If you don't get any water this way then it's getting thrown up by your tires, or from the fog spray from following other vehicles. If this is the case, then you need to check your inner fenderwell for sealing, or warpage where the water is getting thrown in by the tires.
    Have you ever had any accident damage to that side? If so I would look closely at that first.
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    Thanks for the response guy's. According to the CARFAX, there was minor right front damage from an accident. I will pull the whole airbox out see what I can see as far as any gaps in the fenderwell area.Thanks again.
  5. stephan

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    Excellent, there's about a 99% chance that's where it's getting in then. When I bought my truck (used) none of the lights on the RF worked except the headlights. It had been wrecked & repaired on that corner so I checked there first. Apparently the body man wasn't much of an electrician & when he couldn't figure out where the marker lights & turn signal wires went he just cut the connectors off & hid the wires inside the loom:rofl:
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    I have the airbox off right now and I can see the top of fender on the right side through the bottom hole for the airbox. The drivers side looks the same.The only place it looks like water could get in is when driving and the spray from other vehicles and rain come in through the gaps of the headlights and between the bumber and right front 1/4 panel. The foam seal around each of the holes looked really clean,paint was not dirty or water marked, where it mates up to the 1/4 panel. I took some sealant and sealed the gap around the removeable top hole on the airbox to see if that helps.
  7. stephan

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    If there's a lot of standing water that other cars are driving through & throwing up a good spray on the freeway, then I guess it could be coming in through the headlight gaps. I'm just thinking it has to do with the wreck repair though cuz GM is pretty good about addressing water ingress issues. Keep us posted if the sealer fixes it.
    The removable top hole in the air box. You're talking about the one that the optional dial/guage goes in that tells you when the air filter is getting dirty & plugged up.. right??
  8. palmer_df0130

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    The one I'm talking about is the top hole on the airbox on the left hand side that mates up to the inner fender. It has foam around the opening and tabs that hold it to the airbox. I hope I described it well enough for you to understand what I'm talking about. If not, I'll try to post some pics. Another thing, one of the grommets on the plate the airbox snaps into is missing and the airbox moves around. Maybe that could be the problem. Do know where to get one besides the dealer?

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    WATER INJECTION .... Cool !!!! lol
  10. stephan

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    OK I understand where you're talking about..

    You might be able to match up a grommet at a parts store, but it might be a PIA to find the exact one.

    lol Scott, water injection yes...but not the right kind :)

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