Water leak on '07 Tahoe

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    Wanted to let everyone know that I have encountered a serious problem with my brand new Tahoe. While detailing the interior I pulled the floor mat out of the front passenger side floor board to find the carpet soaked. I pulled the door sill up to find the wiring track full of water. I pulled the carpet back and found the padding completely water logged. The sound proofing (applied to the body floor prior to painting) is bubbling, craking and flaking off. The dealer is looking into it, but I am seeking a "buy-back" from GM as the vehicle is brand new and this is obviously a manufacturing defect. The Tahoe sat on the dealer's lot for at least 5 months prior to my purchase and it would have flooded out evey time it rained or the lot attendants washed it. The vehicle was sold defective and should be replaced. To repair it correctly, the entire interior, including seats and center console, carpet and padding, will have to be removed, the old sound proofing removed and reapplied then repainted. New carpet and padding then installed... A little too much disassembly by some dealer mechanic in my brand new Tahoe for my taste.

    Now I'm driving in some used Grand Prix rental while I'm making payments on a $48K truck. AAAARGGGHHH!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
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    I am very sorry to hear about that. All car companies have total lemons like this, the problem is that GM seems to be letting the dealers make some of these decisions on what to do with a vehicle like this. I know there is some margin for abuse, but they should step-up and buy this vehicle back and make an executive drive it for 6 months so they get a feel for the problems that can occur.Good luck on your buyback.

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