water leaks in passenger floor board everytime it rains

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by treykelly84, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. treykelly84

    treykelly84 New Member

    i drive a 1996 chevy 1500 4x4 every time it rains water leaks into the passenger floorboard through the fan housing if i turn the air or heat on you can hear the fan slapping water and it drips a little faster right bellow the glove box any ideas on what needs to be done to fix this
  2. jdsnowfire

    jdsnowfire New Member

    i cant remember what my 90 looks like but on my 01 if you open the hood and look at the fire wall on the far right side there is a square plastic housing that funnels air into the cab from the vent in the middle right below the windshield. the air (and water)enters there and flows down towards the passenger side. there is about an inch of clearance between the plastic housing and the quarter pannel. it has a rubber flap on it so that water can pass out of the housing and is shaped so that water does not enter the fan enclosure. i whould sugest checking to make sure that the rubber flap is not stuck. also if you are missing (or have holes) in your inner fender housing it could throw water up in that direction. also if your truck sets level or is low in the rear it could create enough of an angle that water will flow into the fan housing. if the problem is only when the AC is on it could be due to condensation- a common problem in those trucks. i think there may be a small plastic piece that sits just below hood level to help to funnel water off of the heater components.- i whould check with a simmilar truck to make sure nothing is missing.
    hope this helps
  3. rodny26

    rodny26 New Member

    Ok, I have the exact same issue on my 1996 4wd suburban. I just had the engine replaced with one from ATK and since I got the truck back from my mechanic I noticed small amounts of water whenever I washed the truck. But yesterday was our 1st big rain storm in the desert and this morning when I got in the passenger side was wet. So I removed the cowl covers and poured in some water and sure enough I could see it running out onto the passenger side of the truck. Then when I turned on the fan I could hear the fan blades slinging the water around and the bottom of the fan motor housing was dripping water. I will check to see if that rubber piece is in place. If you happen to have any pics or the name of the piece that would help me out a bunch, if not then I thank you for the write up you have already done.

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