Water pump leak??

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by ChevyBoy2009, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Thank you
    I am most likely doing this next weekend (have a ton of work weekend + a nice dusting of snow outside is not a motivator ). first plan is to confirm that the weep hole is weeping. If I cannot see anything its off to pep boys to get a loaner pressure tester.
  2. ChevyBoy2009

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    sounds good...i didnt even use a pressure tester.I just started taking it apart and found out it was the gasket!...my weep hole was completely dry
  3. ChevyBoy2009

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    did you get a chance to work on it this weekend yet?
  4. T-bone

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    yes there was no need. I got the truck up to temp and pressure and climbed in and under with a mag light and looked everywhere. not a drop. Not a mist?

    Drove it all day today heat was great (too great actually) but as predicted the low coolant light came on. I pulled over opened the deck lid and coolant in the overflow is a little low (as much of it was in the engine as it should be ) but not horribly low. shut the truck off and I watched it clime back up to "normal"

    My new guess is the sensor that tells the mystery box on the dash that I have low coolant is failing. Not sure where that is but I would guess it has to be in the overflow.

    any insight would be greatly appreciated
  5. ChevyBoy2009

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    The coolant level sensor is in the jug. Those were notorious about going out in the 99-02 models(including intake manifold gaskets). You could try taking the jug out and washing it with dish soap and that might clean the sensor enough to fix it. If not you will have to get a new one. Have you checked underneath your oil cap for any milky substance??
  6. T-bone

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    thanks absolutely! the first thing I checked was the oil and the cap no head gasket or intake gasket issues!! :D

    I can live with the light as long as it is bogus. My dash is already a bit wonkey. every time I fill that tank, besides my sobbing, the tank reads full then the car dash reads dead empty, the idiot light tells me I have low fuel and I until I drive forward and brake it stays that way.

    I may just go ahead and replace everything this summer but with snow flurries today (and stainless steel brake lines to put on my fun car :) ) I am going to watch and see mode.

    You have been really helpful and I appreciate the extra mind on this!!
  7. ChevyBoy2009

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    No problem!...when i have something going wrong with my truck,i HAVE to find the issue right away!...but i cant find my issue with my Service Air Bag soon light from coming on...ive checked everything!(but thats a diff thread!)...im ready for spring already!

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