water temp gage not working, 99 tahoe

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  1. loic

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    on my 99 tahoe, the water temp gage just quit working, the needle will just go to the 1st line even when the engine is hot. how can I fix this ?

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    I would check......The Sending Unit and/or the Stepper Motor for the Water Temp Gauge.
  3. loic

    loic Rockstar

    where are those located ?
  4. 2COR517

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    The sending unit is on the drivers side head. One lone wire coming down from the harness over the valve cover. There is a connector near the PCV valve. I believe the sending unit is between cylinders 1&3.

    Pretty easy to check the wiring and gauge. Remove the wire from the sender. The gauge should go all the way one direction, pretty sure it's to the cool side. Then touch the wire connector to the block or any other good ground. The needle should peg the other way. Assuming that all works properly, you can narrow the problem down to the sending unit, or thermostat.

    The thermostat is suspect if the gauge is moving at all. Do you have good heat in the cabin? If you let the engine warm up in the driveway, the gauge should come up to the 10 or 11 o'clock position, I forget the actual number LOL. If it goes way down once you start driving, the thermostat is your likely problem.
  5. loic

    loic Rockstar

    ok, thanks,yes the heater is working fine. I'll try and check it tomorrow. thx for the infos !!!

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