Wattage of back-up light bulb?

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by Kelmannen, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Hi everyone!

    As I wrote in a earlier thread I don't have any back up lights, I'm planning to mount some led work lights above my back door in the plastic conversion top, and there fore I have some questions.

    Can anyone tell how many watts the original light bulb have? I don't want to overload the tiny cables that is back there, or maybe I need to put a relay back there with separate fusing from the battery :-/ (and then use the original power to control the relay).

    Have anyone of you tried to mount anything in the conversion top, it feels quite rigid but I haven't drilled any holes yet... :p

    And last question, I'm going to mount a back up camera at some point and have seen cameras mounted in the center brake light above the doors, I've tried to find it as a aftermarket accessory but haven't had any luck, do you know if it exists?
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    The back-up lamps don't really provide adequate illumination for backing after dark. Their true purpose is just as an indicator for those dolts who can't figure out why the car in front of them is getting larger and the space between them is diminishing.

    I'd suggest mounting a set of aftermarket fog lamps with a good relay. The relay would serve to bring voltage directly from the battery on larger wires and would only be triggered when the transmission switch is activated. Mind, one might add a second switch for those people who refuse to dim their highway lights.
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    Thanks for the answers, I were wondering because I've spotted some really nice 18w led lights with ~1000 lumens, should be nice and bright :D and I'll take the 60degrees flood light, then it should have a really nice spread too :)
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    check out the whitenight back up lighting system. if you have a factory installed hitch you can tap into the reverse light wire there. That wire is a much larger diameter than the one in the tail light harness.

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