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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Farmerdave, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Farmerdave

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    The guy that I bought my truck from was a do it yourself kind of guy which I am also and I have no problem with that but when he waxed the truck he obviously didn't use his head and when he used the buffer he got wax all over the plastic molding that is on the front/rear bumpers, tail gate, and mirrors. So now since its somewhat textured I can not get it off by merely washing the truck and its driving me crazy. So does anyone have anything that will take it off? Any Ideas would be great.
  2. murdog94

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    Its called "Back to Black" its a cleaner for dark plastics and will remove the wax easly with a little elboy grease I just put it on a cloth and rub it in.. I think it is made by maguiers (spelling??) I use it all the time to do that. It will also turn fadded plastic back to a normal apperance...
  3. 1flyfisher

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    You can try Dawn dish soap which is good for removing wax from vehicles then follow up with some 303.
    You can also clay the areas with a clay kit.
  4. USMarineSilverado

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    YIKES!! do not clay black plastic!!! use back to black. it is made by maguiers and can be picked up at any autozone or pepboys.
  5. wayned

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    pressure washer works
    do not use on painted plastic
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  6. cgcomeaux123

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    Back to Black

    The other threads reccomended using back to black to remove wax and return your plastics to there new apperance, this is correct, back to black works very well, however they were wrong about one thing it is a mothers product not meguires, I'm holding a bottle of it right now as I just finished using it on my 2003 silverado I bought yesterday. Meguires may have a same named product, but I would find that odd. Any way I know for sure the back to black by Mothers works very well!!
  7. Farmerdave

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    Awesome thanks for the information! I have been looking for it for a few weeks now when I am in the parts store and haven't been able to find it but I was looking at the mequires products so that was probably my problem haha. Thanks for the help. I still haven't been able to get it off.
  8. wayned

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    back to black is in a mothers red bottle.I got some 3 years ago when truck was new. did not work for me then .just put some on door handles looks good now?(no wax on them)armorall will make them look good for a while pressure washer or paint them works best.
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