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    Best Wax

    I spend plenty of time prepping two vehicles for car shows. The vehicles aren't paritcularly spectacular or collectable...1988 Chevy Silverado (brought back from the grave) and a 2008 Mustang Bullitt (I buy American as a priority!) I have used McGuires and other clay bars and can't say they help much unless you have a dirty car that sits outside most of the time. I find that multiple coats of McGuires or Mothers wax will prevent dirt, bird poop, and other stains from penetrating to the paint. A slick wax job with one of these products will most assuredly give you the best protection and appearance.
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    You have not used a very aggressive clay bar, that may be why you feel you are not achieving the results you want. Meguiars (and others) makes a professional series that is much more aggressive than the standard clays, no amount or type of wax will prevent contaminants from reaching the paint (clear coat) remember clay shears off the contaminants and leaves the surface clean for the application of wax any doubt clay works rub your fingers across the paint and see if it feels rough after clay it will be slick as glass.
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    Clay Bar

    You could be right and I may not know exactly how to use it. I used McGuires pro claybar along with my McGuires detailer spray for lubrication. Is that how you use it?
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    If you are using the pro series it is very aggressive and will remove wax from the paint there is no special way to clay up and down circles whatever you want to do any one of the detailers will work they keep the clay lubricated just dont use water or soap as a lubricant I do detail work from my home alot depends on the condition of the paint you are starting with, keep up the good work!
    Robert :great:
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    I have to agree with "Nickgiacalone",
    I use Mequiars NXT Wax, but I use Mothers Clay bar before hand, and if the lower part of the vehicle is really bad (road tar) i will wash it down with a wax and grease remover first, this will help save on the clay bar.
    I have use many different brands and have always gone back to Meguiars for my wax products.
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    For years I have used turtle wax products, and now I use there ICE line-up, I really like it. However, before October comes around i am gonna use the Mothers Clay Bar system and do a full Mothers job on the Beast.
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    Dont wax your Truck ZAINO it. lol im suprised no one has mentioned it yet on here. The stuff is pretty pricey but if you love your truck and i mean really love your truck its the way to go. I never used it but all my friends from the INC car club use it and that stuff shines like crazy. And they go on and on about how easy it is. I want to buy some just never get around to it. Meguiars clay bar is really good i use it for my impala and am 80 percent happy with it but it doesnt cover the swirl marks and scrathes like i would like. That Zaino makes any paint look good. But from what I read here i am going to try that ICE tommorow on my truck stay tuned. . . .
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    A clay bar will not remove swirls! or scratches. Swirls are generally caused from washing and drying with a dirty towel or using the whirly car washes. You can somewhat remove swirls by hand but they really need to be machine polished to get them out, there is alot of discussion about wax but first you have to get rid of the imperfections, use the least aggressive polisher then a wax, also remember with waxes the carnuba ones only provide protection for a few weeks. I use the Meguiars NXT products alot because it is a synthetic and can provide up to 6 months of protection and shine if the vehicle is garaged. But I also use carnuba Poorboys wax just depends what people want. I have found the synthetic waxes do provide a very deep shine and are easy to remove.
    Keep polishing
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    I have been detailing on the side since 1995 and this is the best line of products I have ever used ! I have tried alot but these are by far the best as they save time which is money and you can detail literaly anywhere! Check out www.dwgint.com if you have any questions PM me and I will get you hooked up!
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    My sentiments exacly. Don't WAX, use a POLYMER. It last longer, shines deeper, and protects better. I've tried most things and moved on to Zaino. The first setup takes some effort. Then it is maintenance after. The cost is actually not as bad as you think. I bought a $90 kit that has everything. Clay bar, 3 types of polishes, car wash, leather cleaner, conditiioner, tire shine, excelerator, polishing pads. I've done my Vette, my wife's Monte, now the truck and have plenty left. You don't have to reapply but every 3-6 months. Just use their car wash and spritzer to maintain it. Or throw on a quick coat of it once in a while. You are supposed to spread that stuff thin, and I mean thin. I expect it to last me about 3 years for at least 3 vehicles. That's cheap. The shine is amazing. Go look in the Chevy Corvette section or my garage. I posted pics of my Z06. That is a Zaino shine.

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