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  1. 89steveo50

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    So as we know, winter is coming around the corner and we don't want the salt ruining our truck.

    Well what kind of wax is very highly recommended and that WORKS extremely well in the winter and summer. I usually wash my truck every time i know that its not gonna snow for awhile and the streets are cleaned.

    I've heard of mcguires, mothers and turtle wax are pretty good and each of them got different assort ments of shinyness.

    What would give me that extreme shine that usually catch's your high saying "wow, thats shiny!"

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    My Buddy...who has lived in Lake Tahoe in Northern Calif. for 15 years......he has to deal with the roads being Salted also.....he uses the Product's in the below link,


    Also,Some of the other Company's to look next to the ones you have mentioned would be...... Mother's.....Adams.....Poorboy's....All of them make a top line of Car care products!!
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  3. Dust2Glory

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    If you want durability, you can NOT go wrong with Collinite 845 Insulator Wax.

    Do a proper wash, clay if possible, then lay a thin coat of this stuff down and you'll be golden!
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    Nothing but Mothers Gold for me every 2 months...
  5. randomsandwhich

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    nu finish ... the once a year car polish :great:
  6. murdog94

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    that is what i use as well and it has worked GREAT up here in MN! just be sure to wash inside your fender wells at least once a week since the salt will sit up there and corrode that way (as all the older chevies do up here, and even mine the rockers are gone)

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