Web site with year by year engine and transmission changes?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 92WT, May 18, 2011.

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    Looking for a website that has a clear chart of year to year changes for the 350 engine.

    I'm looking to swap out the 4.3L in my 205k mile '92 K1500 with a complete stock engine of the same year, but I'm curious to see if it has a roller cam and how it compares to other years internally. I assume the 350 that year was also still TBI which is what I want. Ideally I'd want the same year 350 as the truck just to simplify the install and any parts replacement later.

    Also I'd like to nail down once and for all whether or not my 5 spd transmission is actually a getrag and if so what specific model. And whether or not its the same one used with a V8 that year. Anything prone to be a wear issue on these that I should address while its out? at over 200k id prefer not to stick it back in only to have something wear out right away but id also like to avoid paying for a rebuild when it works perfectly. Always had syncromesh fluid in it.
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    LMC has a good engine and bodystyle history in the front of their catalogs. It outlines major events in engine, transmission, body, and other components.

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