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    I kept hearing about htis Scardale diet where people were losing huge amounts of weight and I dismissed it until after I had my second child. I decided to give it a try and in two weeks, lost all my baby weight, I think my results was 13 pounds in 2 weeks but many people report about 20 pounds. What is nice is that there is no limitation on how much you can eat, and this diet has been around since the 70s as a medical rapid weight loss, it is low fat, low calorie and low carbs, you must follow this preprinted diet for two weeks and the results prove that it works. I like the fact that you know what you are going to eat no stress and you dont have to figure what good foods for your meals because its all laid out. Have a look. http://diet-chart.com/rules-of-scarsdale-diet-want-quick-results/#
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  2. McClintoc

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    Nah, even though I am 70 pounds overweight, I have never thought I looked that overweight. Yes, I look overweight, but probably not 70 pounds worth. Maybe I am just good at hiding it.

    Awsome job by your dad! They say to find your Basal Metoballic Rate (BMR) then reduce it by 300 to 500 calories. Your BMR is basically your resting, daily calorie burn rate. By consuming less food calories than your BMR, you should lose weight. My BMR is about 2300 so I am shooting for 1800 calories a day in food.

    This is why am leary about focusing too much on carbs. You cut them out to lose weight then gain a lot of the weight back when you start consuming carbs again. I have heard this same story from everyone I know that has tried it. I will continue to eat carbs and find a way to lose weight using exercise and other aspects of my diet so that I don't gain back any weight.

    This seems to be most doctors' concensus as well. Do at least 30 minutes of activity each day and don't over-eat.

    If we can get enough participants. Sure!
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    20140212_112315.jpg This is my typical lunch & dinner. So yes, you can survive on chicken and veggies. Don't forget to take multivitamins and fish oil pills.
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    I'd be up for that, and my GF would probably join in as well.
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    I have read and it makes sense to me that our diets should be about 75% raw, fresh fruits and veggies and the rest our proteins, etc. We have to train ourselves to stay away from the processed food most of us have become so used to.
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    To loose weight, eating healthy is about 90 percent of it. Drink lots of water, no pop, sports drinks etc. Lots of veggies and lean protein. Dont snack before bed either. If you find yourself wanting to splurge, do it for a meal, then go back to the strict eating. There are ways to improve your favorite meal too!

    If you are new to working out, run a mile and see how you feel. Dont try to go balls to the walls right off the get go, you'll end up hurting yourself. Pick up some adjustable dumbells. I have a set that go up to 25lbs and can do a pretty decent full body circuit with them.

    Remember, mind over matter
    You can do it
    and most of all, have fun
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    Congrats on losing 20lbs. I think getting active is the key and then making the good food choices on top of that.
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    I might as well throw in my $.02 here. Our old family dr. had some good advise and I know it helps, most of it has already been mentioned. There are two things he recommended which haven't been. 1. Eat a good breakfast. 2. Never have over 400 calories after 4 P.M.
    I grew up as a farm kid , when dad was still farming, usually that's how we ate, always had a good breakfast, our big meal was at noon & was called 'dinner', evening meal was 'supper' and was a light meal. Worked pretty good back then. Times have changed however. I've been back on the farm for almost 10 years now and have maintained my wt. but need to loose some too, first thing I've done is to get away from the beer! Hard to do, I really enjoy a good ale !! (or 3 )
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    Noooooooooooooo. I didn't read this before. I mean there is a point where you can take it a step too far.
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    Thank you!

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