Weird Door Speaker Problem

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by rmallory, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. rmallory

    rmallory New Member

    I have an '07 Siverado Classic Ext Cab with the stock AM/FM/CD and door speakers. About a week ago, I noticed when I started the truck that the front passenger door speaker wasn't working. I banged around on the door panel a bit to see if maybe there was a loose connection, but nothing. Then about 10 minutes later, it just came on. No cracking or static or anything...sounded perfectly normal.

    This scenario is taking place about everyday now. Any ideas?
  2. vncj96

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    its not hard to get to those speakers i would start with those check the wires for shorts, you can check in the door jam as well, where all the wires come into the door something could be getting pinched
  3. rmallory

    rmallory New Member

    Thanks for the advice! I'll check that out.
  4. rmallory

    rmallory New Member

    Okay, I'm bumping this up because the driver's side front speaker has started doing the same thing. A couple of interesting things I've noticed. First off, sometimes I can open the door and the door chime will cause the speaker to come back. A couple of days ago, the passenger door speaker - which hasn't worked for months - came back on after my wife turned on the AC. Sounded like a brand new speaker. Stopped working again after I shut off the truck.

    So...I was in the drive-through at the bank. The front driver's door speaker which hadn't been working that day came on when I had the door slightly open and I was leaning through to reach the ATM.

    This is making me crazy. When the speaker(s) work, they sound great. No static, no extraneous noise. So, I'm thinking the speakers aren't the problem, maybe the head unit. Or therer's a horribly bad ground somewhere. When I checked the passenger door panel a few months back, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
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  5. SQSilverado

    SQSilverado New Member

    I am having the same issue with my passenger door speaker in my 06 crewcab. i pulled the door panel and check the speaker, it is says that it's a 4 ohm speaker but when i put my meter on it the speaker was at 8ohms. It does work from time to time. I know it's not my head unit becaue i changed it out. the next thing that I'm going to do is replace the speakers.
  6. steingang2

    steingang2 New Member

    OK I have the same problem. Sometimes both the front speakers work fine, other times I can barely hear them at all even when turned up all the way. I too changed the stereo but the problem persists. I think there is a short in one of the wiring harnesses. Any suggestions to trace it?
  7. Project1

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    i ran into this problem with my buddies trail blazer and it was a speaker problem with his i did a continuity test on them and the circuit should complete when you touch the needles to each contact and i got nothing so we just went and got new speakers. he hasn't had a problem since. so you can try a continuity test with a ohm meter.
  8. Alaster

    Alaster Member

    Do you have a premium Bose sound system? If you do it could be your factory amplifier.

    It sorta sounds like a bad connection problem or improper resistance throughout entire sound system. The best way around this is to just rewire the whole thing. It would take around 2hrs max unless you have an 98 or lower, then all I can do is pray you can manage to get to the back speakers with breaking something.

    If they are still cutting out, then you know its probably your speakers (this is if you have a newer head unit). If it is STILL cutting out then you know it is the head unit since its the last thing left to replace.

    If none of these things work then well... your truck hates you....

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