weird noise when braking, brake controller

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    so i bought an 89 2500 today. when i step on the brakes there is this weird noise that comes from down where the pedal is it almost sounds like static or air pressure being released. this sound continues until i let off the brake. the brake also feels really stiff and i really have to step on the peddal to get it to slow down or stop and stay stopped. i noticed the truck has a brake controller a: Sentinela Tekonsha this is what it says on it, it has two adjustments and 1 led light the adjustment on the left is a wheel adjustmen and says "gain" the led light turns from red to green at a certain point when i mess with this adjustment the other adjustment is a knob adjustment and says "level" it spins endlessly to the left or right and doesnt affect the led. also on the bottom of the brake controller on the right side there is a part that slides to the left and is spring loaded to return to the original position. can any body tell me whats wrong with my brakes. i added brake fluid to the resivor as it was almost empty i am thinking maybe i need to bleed the brakes but at the same time not as a brake pedal usually feels really loose when they need to be bled.
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    Sounds like you have air in your brakes and should bleed them if they were that low. find out why they were so low - do you have a leak? do you need to replace your front brake pads? When they get worn down so far, it takes much more fluid from the reservoir to push them. air in the lines will make you put the pedal to the floor before it stops. The ticking sound when you touch your brakes is the trailer brake box. that little dial on the side lets you set the sensitivity you want the trailer to be braking. the slide on the front is your tester, when you push that it sends signal to the trailer's brakes just like pushing the pedal.

    in short: check your front pads, bleed the brake lines, don't worry at all about the clicking.
  3. McMahons2500

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    thanks for the info, i will try bleeding the brakes although, it doesn't feel like brakes that need to be bled, its not that the brake pedal goes to the floor or has alot of play in the pedal, but the opposite the pedal is really stiff and must be pressed with allot of force to stop.
    about the brake booster its not so much a clicking... and i actually disconnected the power wire to the brake booster and there was still the noise. the noise is more of a sound like pressure being released almost sounds like static on a blank tv or radio channel. not a click.

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