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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by KonaBurb, Nov 2, 2009.

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    A job relocation between islands here in Hawaii caused my wife and I to consider selling the '97 K1500 and getting a 2007 or newer Tahoe/Yukon. The resale on the '97 is too low and used car price on a '07 is just a little too high. So we're keeping the '97. It only has 147k miles and we've sunk about $2500 on A/C, tires, tune up, ball joints, starter, and brakes in the last year. We'll just drive it until other things start going wrong.
    Only gripe right now is that the replacement starter seems to run a bit long. It turns over great, but the engine doesn't seem to ignite right away. Is this a starter issue, or an ignition wire/computer problem.

    Fred Cowell, Kaua'i Hawaii
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    Welcome. I'd say it was a good choice to stick with the 97. :sign0173:

    Do yourself a favor and put 1/2 of the monthly payment you would have made on the new one into the "Keep the 97 fund" til you have about $2500 saved. That way you won't have to put off any repairs. If you have time to do them yourself you'll save money, and if you have to take it to the mechanic it will be no big deal. Keep the fund stocked up, and in the end you will have enjoyed a very nice truck and you can put the savings to good use like entertaining visits from all your new best friends at GMTC! Malama pono

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