Weseloh Chevrolet Review - Carlsbad, CA

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    Weseloh Chevrolet Just adding in review pages for all of the Los Angeles-area Chevrolet dealers! Feel free to add good or bad information or experiences for this dealer.

    Weseloh Chevrolet
    5335 Paseo Del Norte,
    Carlsbad, Ca 92008

    Sales: (760) 692-1548

    Weseloh Chevrolet Website | Google Places
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    STAY AWAY from this dealer, They sold me a car, took me CC for a deposit lied to me for 3 days, sold the car to someone else for more $$ Then just called and said were not selling you the car, they could care less about me. All they care about is ripping people off. Three different sales people called stringing me along till they could get more from someone else. BEWARE check out other review sites I'm not the only one they treated like this.
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    I definitely have had service problems in the past, the reason I'm driving a GMC now! I had an idle problem (hunting, IE. low & high idle) I spent quite a lot just to have it handed back to me with the same problem. They said "bring it back and we will fix it" For 3 weekends it sat in the back of their lot (I checked) they parked it and left it, bunch of liars!

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