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Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by dejay274, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. dejay274

    dejay274 New Member

    Just bought a 2006 Colorado Regular Cab 4WD Z71 V5 with only 30 miles on it. A few days after I got it I was cleaning the inside and I noticed the passenger side floor was wet, I took it back to the dealer and they told me the air conditioner drain was clogged and they fixed it, well I was cleaning the inside today and it was wet again. How can I tell if it is the drain or if it is coming in from somewhere else? Anyone else have this problem?
  2. 84fiero123

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    Could be the heater core. Next time it is wet take a finger and push it into the wet spot and taste it, then spit it our. If it tastes sweet it is most likely antifreeze and the heater core.

    If it is just water it will have no taste and it is most likely what the dealer said.
  3. lawson4450

    lawson4450 Rockstar 100 Posts

    well what you could do besides tasting something possibly toxic lol is sit inside the truck and have someone take a garden hose and see if you see water leaking in you may also want to check the rubber around your doors and make sure you have a good seal also pull the sill plastic and pull your rugs back and if you got a wet dry vac suck up as much water as you can because it wont dry on its own trust me had it happen to me. i had a leaky rear window on my silvy and also not sure but had wet spots on the middle of the floor on both drivers and passenger side never figured out where it came from and it never dried until i sucked out most of the water and then took a towell folded it up under the rug and left it there for a couple of days then i took a little baby powder and sprinkled it lightly in there to help with any excess moisture it hasnt come back so im not sure if its fixed or not. oh and one more thing make sure the cowl where the wipers are isnt clogged either. whew thats alot huh lol
  4. Cableguy

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    I know where Fiero's going with this (Don't test it like that. There is some nasty s**t in anti-freeze now-adays) I would be more inclined to think too, that there is a seal leak too (On a 2006) Windshield, cowl, door seal or some seal bottom of fire wall??

    BTW I just read the anti-freeze jug...sure enough its says "may contribute to STML if poured into coffee in the morning." :sarcastic:

    I think I'll go now before Fiero chases me with a pitch fork...:eek:uch:
  5. Rumpamuro

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    The other day i was going through some crazy puddles with my truck, 07 classic, and i wasnt paying attn to the floor, but when my friend got out, i happened to look at the floor and there was water coming in, very minimal, especially considering the amount of water i was going through, also, somehow, water got in one of my DRL lens. Im hoping the dealer will replace it, condensation looks horrible.
  6. lawson4450

    lawson4450 Rockstar 100 Posts

    hey rump :biggrin: (sorry it was to easy lol) look under your truck in the floor area you may have plug in the floor make sure its in place properly that would let water in in deep puddles and as far as the condensation just take the light out and blow it our with some compressed air to dry it out then when you put your bulbs back in check the foam surrounds on there make sure they are tight if not you may just have to add a replacement foam piece or caulk it a little although i would ask the dealer about it under warranty first
  7. frank5

    frank5 New Member

    I bought an 04 colorado z71 4x4 new and everytime it rained the drivers floor was soaked took it back to the dealer 6 times.they could not fix it. i turned it in to the lemon law and they got me a full buy back
  8. tbplus10

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    Why taste it yourself? Find a stray cat, cats love antifreeze they'll lick it up like nobodys buisiness if it is antifreeze.:lol:

    Actually before you dig into the truck take it back to the dealer and get management involved. Let them know this is the second visit for this problem and request to talk to the service manager (not a writer).

    Round up the documentation from the first trip.
    Dont get angry or loose your cool with dealership personnel, stay calm and talk peacefully to them.
    If they arent willing to go above and beyond to solve the problem then request to see the dealership GM.
    If they give you any static with this request then call the Regional manager.
    General Motors also has a 1-800 trouble line if your still having problems.

    If you work on the truck yourself taking it apart may give them reason to transfer blame for this issue to you, and possibly attempt to not cover it under warranty.

    I'm not implying the dealership will be anything but helpful for this issue, but incase they arent this is the route recommended by a good friend of mine thats a GM for a local dealership.
  9. unplugged

    unplugged Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Heater core leak can be easily diagnosed without tasting liquids of unknown origins. A cooling system pressure test will do the trick. I bought my tester from NAPA for $100. One of the more useful tools in my rollaway. Your mechanic can pressure test your system, if you don't want to add another tool to your collection. btw, I traced the water leaking on the passenger side of my burb to a clogged ac drain.
  10. FireRed

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    An important thing!!! When ever you get the interior wet do your absolute best to get it dry quickly, if left unattended it will stink of mold pretty fast and it is a bioch to get rid of the stink!

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