What a bout of bad luck!!

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  1. I had to replace the engine in my 99 sub so I replaced it with a HT383E GM performance engine. Went in easy enough but that is when the problems started. On start up the o-ring for the oil filter adapter blew out so I lost all of the oil on my shop floor. Replaced and worked just fine on restart. Then the check engine light came on for the camshaft and crank shaft being out of sink. Fixed that problem. Then after a third start up the service 4x4 light came on. Tcase shifter went bad. Replaced worked fine. Then finally when I got it out of the shop a loud growl started after I moved it back. Turned out I blew the factory torque converter bearings. Replaced and still no go. I took off the tans pan and found one of the vanes for the front pump!! So now I am rebuilding the transmission and have found a broken low reverse clutch spring assy, snapped sun gear shell, and a few other minor issues (blown out rear half of front pump!) Now this all occurred in a three day period and cost my one inch of a pinky finger. Tans slipped and got caught between tcase and cross member. This truck better run like a beast when I am all done otherwise it is going up on the chopping block. Grand total so far $78943.29+ one in. pinky finger.
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    Holey moley! I am sorry to hear about your bad luck but it sounds like there is not much else that could go wrong. Unless you take it out for a test run and blow the rearend but we won't mention that one. I hope you only meant 7K and not 70K:rules:
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    man i know how it feels.... when it rains it pours. Sorry to hear about all the malfunctions u have incontoured....
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    Man alive! You must have one understanding wife. Mine would have pushed me into a mechanical rice picker for that....

    That is a serious string of misfortune...Good luck thou, lets hope it works perfect.
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    Well, the worst thing by 1000x is the finger. I'm not sure exactly what to say about that, but I've known a few guys who got the ends of one finger or another smashed or cut, and you'll just never even notice if they didn't tell you.

    Other than that, it looks like you're pretty proactive about working on these things. Hope it all works out in the end.

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