What Aftermarket Head Lights do you have on your Chevy?

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  1. What Aftermarket Head Lights do you have on your 80s model Chevy?

    Im pretty much rebuilding my truck from the frame up and I just don't like the factory lights, old technology. Im a big fan of the LED or Blue lights on cars and trucks and I think they light up the road better and give it a modern look, which I like. I know there are a lot of choices out there but I would like some feed back and pictures would be appreciated.


    Royce Lancaster

    80s models only please, sorry forgot to add that to the title
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  2. ShadowRejects

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    I have a 94 but same body as a 88-98. So i hope this couts:

    I installed some Blazer hallogen fog lights on mine, just drill and bolt on. Very cool lights, Bright as the sun!
  3. ejohnson03

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    Installed a set of Halogen Blue-Coated Headlight Bulbs, these lamps are 100 watts each.

    So I had to re-wire directly from battery to relay, then to the switch.

    They are bright and work very good.

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