what amp?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by 5speedsilverado, Jun 16, 2009.

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  2. 5speedsilverado

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    If you can afford it an Alpine!! I have had a V12 going on 15 years now, never overheated or cut out or ever had any repairs on it, and it doesnt even have a fan buit into it!! Best $700 (1995 dollars) I have ever spent!!
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    FIRST off let me save you about $34.00 right out of the gate

    And another $30.00 i can save you ...


    now for an amp... they don't make a 6 channel amp that will properly power what you have listed there but you can put in a 4 channel and a mono or 2 channel amp using the pass through from one amp to the next via RCA hook ups. the only 6 channel i can find right now is a JL audio amp that is 600 watts but it's $500.00 http://mobile.jlaudio.com/products_amps.php?amp_id=481

    you are looking at 600 watts worth of speaker you are putting in (peak power for speakers total) 4 speakers for the 5 1/4 and 1000 watts peak for the 6x9's

    this is my suggestion for the 6x9's

    and this one for the 4 5 1/4

    those amps are good strong amps that will last, take a lot of torture, they are clean sounding, and are very well built over all. look around on the site but be warned that there are a lot of poor quality and off brand amps on that site as well . ones like boss, alamani and anything other than the staple names for car audio stay away from them.

    the staple names for car audio are: Alpine, Kenwood, MTX,Kicker, JL Audio, Crunch, sound stream, Lanzar, auto tek. MB Quartz, Infiniti, JBL, Orion, Phoenix Gold, Pioneer, PPI, Rockford Fosgate, blaupunkt, MA Audio, and eclipse.

    pretty much any thing in that list is good anything else i would encourage you to stay clear of as they haven't made a good name for themselves yet and there isn't much information on their "actual" sound quality or longevity. hope this helps and isn't too much information over load

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