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  1. jbattlesjr

    jbattlesjr New Member

    I posted a while back about some engine trouble I am having. I had to take a break from that and take care of other business.

    I'm back and time to get my Burb on the road.
    It a 1996 with Vortec. It has a "cracked head". I did find out that the heads that were put on(mechanic did a bad job) were from 95 or later TBI motor.

    Now my question is can these heads work? I know the intake will have to be changed and I can get that easy. Will these heads cause any issues or should I get the "hard to find" Vortec heads?

    Money is still tight so the budget just won't allow for a new motor. I am just trying to find a good inexpensive way to fix my baby.

    The one car faminly thing just really doesn't work for the wifey and I.

    Thanks Club for all the help.:great:
  2. Makey

    Makey New Member

    I think you need to consult any some people who are already in this business so that you can find the solution for it...

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  3. retired2001

    retired2001 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I would say to get a set of "Vortec" heads if at all possible. Not being a mechanic, I can't say the pre'96 heads won't work, but I know that '96 was a truning point in the 350 engines.
  4. jbattlesjr

    jbattlesjr New Member

    I spoke with a gentleman that is local(i put an ad on Craigslist). I said I need to use the Vortec heads. I can get a set from him for $275 or he will re do the set set I get(if I find some) for $100. He actually gave me some good info about the heads.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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