what are the different diablosport offerings ~ Chevy Silverado

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    hey, I have a question. What are the different offerings that diablosport has for gm trucks, suv's, crossovers, excetera ?
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    For tuning GM vehicles they have the following:

    Predator: This is available for fairly large selection of vehicles. It is relatively easy to use and has impressive results. Allows custom tuning to be done professionally and for the user to tweak many parameters if they don't want the professional tune. Works for gas and diesel.

    Extreme Power Puck: This is an inline performance chip to work on diesel engines. It has a knob that allows changing to 100 settings on the fly, allowing for gains of up to 200hp. It does not have an interface to individually tune each parameter though.

    Trinity: This is their newer tuner. It has a color screen, all the features the predator had, and the ability to show gauges, etc. on the display. One part number works on every supported vehicle, and the ability to tune more than one vehicle with it is apparently in the works (diablosport tuners are typically married to the vehicle they have programmed and can only tune one at a time).

    inTune: This is a new system that can only be preordered at the moment. They claim it will be the most powerful tuner available, and it is priced $200 less than the Trinity. Unfortunately, it will only be available for 2007+ GM vehicles on its initial release.

    They also have Mass Airflow Sensor interface harnesses and such Exhaust Gas Temperature systems.

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