What are the most common sources/locations of oil leaks in a 350?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by jonkun227, Dec 14, 2013.

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    I've been searching but I haven't found anything quite like what I'm after, and I think it would be a good resource for many. If this is already out there and I missed it please forgive me and direct me to it. :)

    I have a 1995 Suburban (C1500). It has been a GREAT truck. It had been immaculately maintained when I bought it in 2009 so I have had to do very little with it. But now the oil is leaking. I'm afraid it may be from two spots (rear main seems likely, but I haven't investigated thoroughly yet; not sure about the other but there are two distinct drip areas, fore and aft of the block, if you will).

    It is COLD right now. Like 5 to 15 degrees F most days. I'm sure others have it worse; I'm not trying to compete. But the truck doesn't even fit in our small townhome garage, so I don't have a way to investigate it without being out in the cold, so I need to be efficient about finding this. All of the road grime that is constantly kicked up this time of year also makes it hard to get the engine clean at the carwash and still be clean enough to trace the leak when I get home.

    In addition to the usual maintenance on my various vehicles over the years I have also rebuilt a couple of motorcycles. I can handle this. However, I have not done anything more than oil changes and brake/rotor/caliper replacement on a Chevy truck. But it would be very helpful if I had a list of the most frequent and likely places that this engine tends to leak, in the order I should look.

    Hopefully you can appreciate the challenge and I don't just sound lazy. Thank you!
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    Rear main seal
    oil pan gasket
    dip stick tube seal
    oil filter plate
  3. jonkun227

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    Thank you!

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