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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by SoCal Chevy, Jul 4, 2010.

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    So, to nite i was driving home from dinner wth some friends and my mom around 9:30. Im driving my truck and we had just pulled out of the shopping center. As i was at a stop light, ready to turn and get on the freeway, i hear squealing tires and a split second later....... BANG! First thing tht i did was check my mirror and i just glanced and noticed some young looking kid on his cell fone, so obviously im pissed. I pit it in park and jump out ready to yell when i notice the car looks familiar. Then i look up and it turns out the driver is a friend of mine from water polo who graduated last year. I culdnt belive it at first. This was my first car crash while driving and to top it all off it was with some one who i know personaly.
    Luckily no one was hurt and allthough the rear bumper on my truck is done. the rear drivers side fender is only pushed in a little and the tail gate wont open and is slightly bent on the bottom corner wher the fender dug under it. Im so glad my custom exhaust went untouched and my tailights and tailgate are mostly okay.
    I cant say the same for my friends 4runner tho. hes lucky it had a bull bar or else the radiator suports wuld be gone. but still' both lights on his car were smashed in. the bull bar bumper and grille were all smashed in as well and the hoods bent up and locked in by the smashed in bull bar.
    Hopefully ill get my truck fixed in the next week so i dont have to drive around with the bumper looking like that and i can open my tailgate
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    hopefully you took advantage to help him "see the light" with the tail end
    of a mag flashlight upside his head !
    i'da smashed his cell phone while you're at it.

    i had a vehicle totaled 2 years ago while parked & was broadsided by
    a commercial truck with a mechanical problem.
    he never did a pretrip inspection & kept driving it 3000 yards AFTER he
    had major failure, but the cops didnt give
    him citation & insurance company screwed me.
    i learned, whip their ass on the spot, cause your life will be screwed up
    dealing with loss of your rig & its the only
    time they wont toss you in jail for putting boot to ass :no::grrrrrr:
  3. SoCal Chevy

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    So i took my truck into the body shop today. insurance is covering the cost but looks like ill be with out my truck till tuesday or wednesday next week =(
    On the bright side my rental car is still a chevy haha.

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