What are the rear door electrical contacts called

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    We have a 99 Suburban and the rear door contacts for the defroster and such are not not working correctly. Apparently the springs in them are bad and they are staying pushed in all of the time. Does anyone know a way to fix them or what they are really called so I can look for new ones?
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    Don't know if you still need this but...

    For 1999 Suburban with rear barn doors you can view an online catalog [for lots of other GM vehicles too] at www.gmpartsclub.com

    1. Contact-right hand on body #37-0927 with rear barn door defrost: $44.95

    2. Contact-right hand on body #37-0929 without rear barn door defrost: $18.95

    VERY helpful in getting a price ... not so helpful in getting GM part number. www.gmpartsclub.com is another source for online catalog info.

    HTH (hope this helps)
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    The Easy Fix may work for you

    There are two kinds of Barn-door Burb owners: Those who have addressed this problem and those who will. Usually it's just dirty contacts, and stuck plungers are full of crud.
    An easy cure may be no farther than the #2 yellow pencil in our pocket. Use the eraser to clean and burnish the contact faces. Then use the business end to 'write' lubricant on the plunger shafts. You may have to manually reciprocate them a while until they operate smoothly.
    Good luck.

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