what are these spots?

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    hi guys, I'm looking to buy some 22" rims, and i came upon these Boss 313's on Kijiji that came off a Denali. they're $800 for the set, but they have these spots on them. what are they? and can they be a cheap fix? it looks like brake dust to me, but they may also be pitted. let me know! thanks!
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    Is the pitting on all of the Rims or just one???
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    If its just one, be very careful. I have 20" BOSS 325 wheels for my truck, and have had them for just over a year. While I had them in storage for the winter, one of the four began peeling in huge pieces. This is while I wasnt using them, so I am in communication to see what BOSS will do about it as i too bought mine through kijiji with no warranty. If it is on all four, it is likely that they are just imperfections, rather than defects, and will not cost you a lot in vital repairs as mine has the potential to. It looks like they could be tough to fix, but for $800 for a set of 22" boss wheels, I would not worry about a few little spots like that.

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