what brand of HID'S?

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by BLK-Z71, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Rockstarrchevy81

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    I went with the Notto Se Hid kit i paid $100 for the 10,000k low beams and comes with everything and is a known brand had them for around 3 months they are perfect they are a very light blue very nice looking the dark blue looks cheap to me but i also have mine in Projectors so they are not as blinding and scattering everywhere from the reflectors! That's the best way to go if you go with Hid's and can also aim them so you want blind other's and projector's have 1 sold beam they don't use the reflector's to align a beam!
  2. 2k8z71

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    I went with DDM tuning. Just installed mine today. Had a bugger of a time getting the bulbs to lock into the housing due to the room and the rubber around the bulb that seals it in. But with a little trickery I got them in and have everything zip tied (temporary fix until I can find some good double sided tape) Gonna see how bright they are once the sun goes down.
    Mine are 55w 5000k H11 with the relay. Still need to do the DRL disable. Maybe relocate my DRL to the turn signals for when I get my switchbacks lol
  3. IanF

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    Eurolite brand, that the balasts are 7 years old taken from my last vehicle (astro). Just bought new bulbs (H11's) and a relay kit $50 for Sylvania's and have no problems one year in on the new truck. They are on all the time as my DRLs and were in the Astro as well. I don't think the balasts owe me anything as they are so old, but, I keep a used spare in my tool box just in case. Did not disable the DRLs and they work fine, I just leave my lights in Auto and they are always on.
  4. ippielb

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    Just remember you get what you paid for, cheap ebay models have a LONG warm up time, and are not as bright with dull color. Expensive kits give a fast warm up, brighter and more colorful light. I know because i have the cheap kinds....
  5. rshepard

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    Got vvme's (vvme.com) 55w highs and lows and love 'em
  6. Rockstarrchevy81

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    If anyone is interested i have a set of Notto Se 10,000k H11 Low beams brand new in the box i got not even a month ago just forgot to send them back they want fit my truck and already have some installed now!
  7. Fonze

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    I'd be interested! How much are you willing to sell them for?:money:
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  8. Chevy Girl

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    $100 for the set? How are they lasting?

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    Never heard of them. You still love them?
  9. pantydropper

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    all you have to do to fix the high beam flashing is get a high six kit "bright box" made buy a local auto elcetronic store usually around $100-$175 to be made. that just allows your highs,lows and fog lights to be on when you turn on your high beam switch on that way you never dont have light.

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