What cam should I do?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Chad513, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Chad513

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    I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic that I just dropped a 5.3L into. My next upgrade is going to be 4.11 gears. Everyone tells me I'm going to lose a little high end speed so I wanted to do a cam after that so I could get that back up. What type of cam should I get for what I want? Please and thanks,

  2. darnie1987

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    well look at it this way, yea ull loose " top end" " you wont be able to do 145 mph" but ull still be able to do 130. but when will u ever need to do that? also our drive shafts arnt ment to turn that fast and those speeds... not a good thing to do. now as far as a cam what are your goals? its not goint to give u more mph it will how ever adjust your power band. if ur willing to get a stall converter id say run a 220 cam if not get like a 216/218 low lift...
  3. Chad513

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    Well I might of stated that wrong. I want like high RPM speed. I have 3.23 gears in the truck now and when I drop in the 4.11 gears I will lose the take off from going 70. So I was wondering how i could get that back with a cam.
  4. darnie1987

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    well actuall upping you gearing like going from a 3.73 to like a 4.11 or 4.56 will actually get you from 0-70 faster but basically will rev out quicker. if your not planning on applying boost to you truck id say 4.11 gears would be great.

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