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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by live2dafullist, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Hows it goin everyone. i am new to the site. i have a 2005 silverado c1500 5.3L and i am very interested in supercharging it. i am also interested in upgrading my cams. what is the best cam upgrade to do that will be reliable yet perform greatly and also what is the horsepower increase with a good cam. and also what would be the best cam to buy if i am going to supercharge it. thank you for any replys.
  2. bzboardco

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    I don't know much about cams either but I do know that they can get pretty pricey to do depending on the cam. Some cams don't require much. The more aggressive the cam the more stuff you need like a special tune, torque converter, etc. One of the members in the forum told me about Vinci cams and said they were good. PRICEY compared to other cam companies out there but here is the website on truck cams http://www.vincihiperformance.com/camshaft spec list page ls truck.html It says beside the cam what is needed to work with it. Good Luck this is an area I need help in to so maybe people will reply.

    BTW the cam that caught my attention was the "The Trucker" cam .....:neutral:
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    welcome to the site. i want to change out my cams, so ill be keepin my eye on this topic
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    The best bet for a cam would be to contact the a few companies that make cams (Edelbrock, Crane, etc.) tell them your truck specs, future performance mods, and expectations. Most aftermarket cam manufacturers do custom grinds now a days more than off the shelf generic grinds because of the many different parts people are using on their vehicles like tuners, blowers, turbos, custom tuned injectors.
    A custom grind will cost slightly more but the return is a better running engine that many times will out perform the original cam when it comes time to step up to the Emissions testing site. Emissions testing will be getting stricter than it is in the coming years and anything that degrades the emissions of a vehicle will be scrutinized closely.

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