What did the butcher say? (Cableguy is back!)

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    It's not. I read a lot ... usually while the TV is on (and I listen and absorb what I hear as I read, too, but not as well as if I gave the TV my full attention).

    I keep things like The Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, and The Military Channel on, most of the time. If those aren't on it's the news -- BBC, RTM, HLN, Fox News -- usually rotated so that I get news from a few angles to eliminate or expose bias. If those aren't on then I might have a movie on. Maybe.

    Basically, if I watch/listen to a channel with commercials in it, it's probably informational/educational in some capacity. I will NOT watch entertainment TV of any sort with commercials in it, as I give entertainment viewing my full attention what little I do it ... and I don't like commercials.

    So, if Chris Farley is a movie guy then I've never seen a movie with him in it. If he's a TV guy then he's not on educational TV. I could look him up on the Internet, of course, but the entire spirit of responding as I did was to illustrate that I had no idea what Tommy Boy is/was ... and explaining why I do not know who Chris Farley is also helps accomplishes that.

    I told you I live in a tree. :)
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    simply put Chris Farley was a large comedian, played on Saturday Night Live and then yes some movies (alot of his comedy was about his own weight). Tommy boy was a movie that he played in maybe late 90's very early 2000's.
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