What do I need besides square tubing to comeplete my body lift?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Outlaw19, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Outlaw19

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    I have my steel cut, my holes drilled but all i need now is a material list on what to buy. I am doing a 3 inch lift and i know i will need to extend brake lines ect. What do I need to complete this and also how do I get the F$$$$$$ rusted bolts out.
  2. Josh

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    the bolt removal is the critical part. use a hell of a lot of pb blaster/wd40/liquidwrench. if you have access to a torch use it. itl get em off easier than lube. i believe you will need all new bolts 3 inches longer and the brake lines i spread mine open to get my brake lines stretched. where the coil of brake line is spread them open with snapring pliers or something. as for bolt size i dont know i bought a 3 inch kit for mine. dont just go breakin the bolts loose. take it easy on em. if it feels like the bolt is bout to give. STOP. check to make sure the bolt isnt twisting in two.
  3. aloxdaddy99

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    Are you saying you are using square tubing to make a body lift?
  4. SWAT13

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    don't forget to get new, or make some new bumper brackets. Otherwise you'll have a big gap between the body and bumpers!!
  5. Outlaw19

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    yes i am using square tubing well actually its rectangular 2 inch by 3 inch.

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    also wouldnt a torch make the bolts bend and brake when i go to take them out. And do i need to replace anything else other than expand the brake lines. I know for sure i need to get a longer steering link but anything else.

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