What do you do for a living ... BESIDES drive a Chevy?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by MN_Burbon, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. sks240

    sks240 New Member

    I'm a production assoc. for MTD Professional Products. We manufacture ProZSeries lawnmowers & UTV's (utility vehicles).
  2. Craig Still

    Craig Still New Member

    I am a collision A tech with 25yrs experience . married with 3 boys. in to everything . ..fixing every thing..
  3. Dexter04

    Dexter04 New Member

    Civil Estimator (Engineer In Training) at Pioneer Construction. Home inspector on the side.
  4. AAAO2-39

    AAAO2-39 New Member

    Utah Army National Guard, full time MilTech. I enjoy the Nasty Girl life with active duty benefits.
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  5. madmtnmotors

    madmtnmotors New Member

    Cad draftsman for a commercial HVAC sheet metal shop when I'm not wrenching, fishing, or drag racing motorcycles.
  6. M4UR4DER

    M4UR4DER New Member

    Im a chef. Culinary school grad and all. Live in michigan four daughters and only 27. I own a 2001 sierra z71 ext. Cab with the 5.3 liter. 225k and cou ting. Truck was a gift from my grandfather. Im not spoiled just a good grandson who earned it.
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  7. Fiberglassdr

    Fiberglassdr New Member

    I Repair fiberglass stuff, mostly boats! I also restore older BMW's. I've had my 97 Suburban for about 5yrs and am slowly building a truck I really think I could get into, if only I could get some brakes under it that actually work.
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  8. Steel

    Steel New Member

    Well I work at a tattoo shop and see a lot of interesting stuff
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  9. Captain Z71

    Captain Z71 New Member

    I am a manager for a security company. I manage the contract for a local airport in North East Florida.

    Last car project I had wasn't really a project, but I bought a 94 Mustang that barely ran and was torn up and fixed it up.

    Huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

    I'm also a gamer. Play a lot of Madden and a few other games on PS4
  10. glsawyer.drig

    glsawyer.drig Member

    Mechainc and seafood processing

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