what do you guys think about these lights??

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by KentWong999, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. sstoner911

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    Ugh...I hate that....mostly because I hate to wait!
  2. reggiecab2000

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    well forewarning for you guys who like these,
    i got a pair of these (well not exactly these, but damn close other than those arrow looking vents mine are straight lines,) basically same headlight,
    first and foremost:
    the looks on these things are wicked!
    do they look sweet?
    this is obvious.... yes!
    but... as far as functionality,
    im sure once you order them you will see that they are probably cheaply made as mine were, and are not compatible with HID,
    i had to do some slight modifications in order to even get my HIID bulb to fit due to some rubbing issues, and if its designed just like mine, then the projector bulb is not even sealed completely, you gotta add some of your own sealant and after all this being said and done i got everything to work just as i wanted. I have 10000K in mine and as far as light output, i will say that stock halogen projectors on newer cars put out more light than my babies, and it is noticeable. Also if you are mechanically inclined or have common sense you need to take a look at the high beam design... i though it looked cool having the second halo but think about it.... does it not look as if it completely ruins any even light output that could come out of the high beam bulb? well the sad fact is...
    IT DOES!
    i even replaced my high bulbs with 100W bulbs and upgraded wiring accordingly, no difference... the high beams were not thought of as important in these types of lights for out 99-02's, all of the emphasis was specifically aimed at the killer looks... (A+ in my opinion) but functionality is far from par. you can also see that the high beams (when parked close to a garage or wall) are actually focused in about 3 inches lower than the coutoff of the low beam, and for these headlights this is unadjustable without some major modification...you better have some sort of aux lighting because if you do any mountainous driving you will find yourself driving 10 mph just to see the road ahead above the low beam cutoff with pitiful high beams.
    needless to say i still run them but in order to feel safe i added some oem fogs to my 2000, and upgraded them to HID as well, and now together with my headlights i can see much of what i couldnt before, i also added a pair of 130W KC daylighter driving lights, since here, driving lights are allowed to be used on roads in conjunction with high beams only, i have the confidence to know if i ever needed some extra vision, permitting noone was in front of me, i would have it. you can check my thread
    for a glimpse of them at night
    my .02 cents... or $1.00 i guess considering how much i shared. lol
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  3. dpeter

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    Realy nice looking lights. I have always been dissapointed in the stock lights performance both fog and driving and have not found any that have been declared better than stock by anyone other than the one doing the selling. Looks are nice but as Reggiecab reveals, it would be worthless to me if they don't work.
  4. ibanez320dx

    ibanez320dx New Member

    I added some projector headlights to my silverado a few days ago. They are plain jane with just a projector in the low beam but that's what I wanted. I too had an issue getting the HID's installed. The lamp bore is too small and I had to ream it out. The inside of the projector itself is of poor quality. The lights cutoff is pretty crappy. My stock headlamps with some regular bulbs were def brighter. They look cool but that's about it. I'm having a hard time finding a quality projector headlamp.

    LOVINTHESTORM Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    They look cool tlight the black a little better, but I'm kinda partial to black. However the chrome ones are nice to depends on the style of your truck.

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