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    Well heres an approach to the ending of my interior until i start the cotton season to get some more money.
    Thanks to those who have been interested in my little interior build. Hopefully you like the results, heres a little teaser of my interior. I will get Full detailed pics by this sunday when i tint my windows.

    Also i would like to add, that i was at college today left my truck in the middle of the sun, no shade nothing. To see if any of the frostking came off. It was about 103 inside the truck, Up in coalinga for those in my area.

    Sadly my visors came apart, the hot glue just came off :( really sux. Now i gotta find some good high temp glue for the visors. And the frostking adhesive survived along with the Sounddeadenershowdown.

    Here some pics where i sound deadened the backwall with 3 layers of frostking and remounted my amps and equalizer. I bought a new C pillar for the one i broke :) thanks to some guys thats parting out his SS over on PT.net


    Thank you Tootall for the great LED work. Here some of his work guys for you that are interested. I also added 194 bulbs to the overhead and the little center light one also, And the doors. I hope you like the LEDs. This was what i was waiting for :). My door panels arent on yet, until i retint the window, so i dont get no soapy water on the suede. :)

    When i click on the unlock or lock on the remote, hell opens. ha


    sorry for the crappy quality pics, i dont have a steady hand lol.

    Ill get full pics of the interior all cleaned up and door panels on.

    Thanks for those whove been interested. Hold until sunday.
  2. 2ToNe04

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    For those that are interested how this started and what lead to things, in my interior build.

    heres the link :)


    I will update everyone soon this sunday with full pics of my, suede interior and headliner. Also the deadener and such.
  3. 2ToNe04

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    just wash the plastic about 3 times with dish soap and if you have those wipes that remove grease oil it will work better. ima just wash it and lay it over.

    I bought my fabric from http://www.distinctivefabric.com/fabric.php?product=PSUEDE1 i bought 5 yards and gave me about 1/2 extra pretty cool.

    As for glue
    option 1 : 3m super 90
    plan b : 3m super 77
    plan c : 3m general adhesive.

    ill get some pics of my door panels, and sound deadener when im back.

    Thanks will, im going with peel and seal i was reading on google and people were saying its the same as fatmat but, differant name. Like summit and pacesetter something like that :)

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    alright ill check tomorrow again............................So far i was doing good and someone decided it was funny to spray a spot of glue in the middle of the half piece i had done.....i had to cut it at the half and im going to retry the headliner again.... ****in gay i say.

    hey jello how did you do the designs for the flames with the foam sponge thing. :) i just found two sponges at my local store for 1 dollar

    i got some pics of my failure :(


    shaved the holes with cardboard atleast something came out right.

  5. 2ToNe04

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    thanks alex, i just emailed the guy ima get some showdown sound deadener.

    as for the liner i started at 6:45 finished at 11:00 thats including a 15 minutes break.

    i will not do this again ill pay someone to do it just my opinion. :)

    I also peeled off my old stock fabric and glued it on the foam and it was easier to do and it stuck better.


    ima wait until tomorrow night to make some more cuts and glue them to the back side.

    mean while tomorrow im going to do my door panels and ill update the thread.
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    Ive ordered sound deadener, It got back ordered for about a week they just shipped it out wednesday, guy hooked me up with 10 more extra pieces and a free roller. Worth the wait IMO

    I was going to buy Black carpet but, that will have to wait for a while. Reason is, i just shipped out My denali cluster, and other parts to get an LED swap. :)

    Also i tried painting my overhead console, it came out real good until the wind blew the newspaper over it.

    quick pics -
    removing all the little teeth around the visor
    good luck with removing the pin

    what ever you do dont be stingy and try to save of my your material because it will bight you in the ass, also dont spray glue on it, do use see that little spot, its glue that oozed through the material...:[​IMG]

    I decided to re do it and it came out way better


    door panel...... Learn from my mistakes, what ever you do always keep your hands clean, i was flattening out the suede and i didnt realize i had glue on my palm, i wound up staining the suede and i had to remove everything and use a new piece.


    Finished, just waiting to paint the plastic so i can assemble them back together, i might go with gorilla glue to shut the visors back up, the plastic on the panel looks off cause of the lighting, i was just trying to capture the black for those who wanted to see how it really looks...... :

    Parts are out for LEDs
    when your taking out your third brake light button you have to take out the top little empty thing so you can take it out with out messing anything up.


    lol duct tape sucks, i tried to stick it on for the wires and the wires came down in a day,i hope the sound deadener holds up well.

    Also, learn from my mistakes, and dont try to taco fold the headliner or else you will run into this:
    Some people have better luck and get away with out breaking it but, if its your first time doing it i suggest, remove the seat belt thing, i would remove it because you dont want to take your new black suede headliner and fold it in the middle and have the glue from the middle unstick.

    also my glossy Extcab door handles lol


    they have bout a 8 months on there and no scratches or cracks.(knock on wood)

    also im in the readers ride :) ****ing yes. lol.... thanks to mauro for the pic scan:

    I was going to suede my pillars but i thought it would look kinda gay.......i am going to paint those red to go with my dash bezel, im still debating if i should paint my centor console though.

    Total yards bought : 5 Yards for 83.45......I also still have like half a yard left.
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    Just finished soundeading the roof; the reason why i did the roof first, was because it was my biggest concern as its the only part that rattles in my truck.

    I bought two bottles of alcohol and mixed it with some water in a spray bottle like the one that you use to clean glass. I gave it a good clean with a cheese towel(w.e there called)

    Its 90 degree's out side with a nice cool breeze. layed out the Soundeading material out on my run way so the sun can heat up, while i cleaned the roof.

    i started laying the deadener, theyre not big pieces that you have to cut or anything just perfect, i love this product.

    i layed out about 14 pieces of deadener and it did the job, only 1 layer did the job to remove the rattle and flex, it was amazing. its like ****in magic. From so much threads i read about double layering the deadener on the roof to get rid of the rattle and flex. I only used one and didnt really cover much of the roof either.

    im uploading two videos now....

    Also im about to do the firewall, and i might have some left over for the front doors. My small ext cab doors dont really rattle or anything so i might just leave like that until i buy some more.

    As for the floor, i was going to go with black carpet but, i ran out money lol. I had to get a laptop for school..... so basically there goes the money for my rims and carpet. I was planning maybe later on, I can get some cheaper deadener like pealnseal if i find some, and maybe ill just lay it on the floor it should stick good since it doesnt have to deal with gravity on the floor. I also read the floor doesnt really make a differance so w.e

    I was going to do my doors but, i had the windows down, and i cant put them up until i get my switches back from tootall.

    EDIT: I got my deadener from http://sounddeadenershowdown.com/
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    Interior plastics done.
  9. 2ToNe04

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    I just copied and pasted some of my post on here, for anyone that was interested.
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    looks great, i have been wanting to sound deaden my truck, and the suede head liner and some other stuff

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