What do you know about Mobil 1 (0W-30)?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by s5belford, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Well it will icrease fuel economy because its so much thinner than the oil your used to running and its a synthetic, so it produces more lubrication than dino oil. But is it better than regular motor oil, NO!! The thin synthetic oil your talking about is so thin and slick, that is can actually slip by the oil scraper ring on the piston and be burnt in combustion causing oil usage. (The scraper ring on a piston removes excess oil from cylinder wall during the pistons downstroke to prevent too much oil from being left behind and be burnt up.)
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    i wouldnt put it in my rig

    10/30 is the best all around weight IMO. dont run anything less than a 5/30 if you dont live in the artic
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    My hottest selling oil is AMSOIL 0W-30. It is better for cold weather starting. A 30 weight oil is a 30 weight oil, weather it is 10W or 0W.0W is better on your engine on start up in cold weather than a 5W or 10W.
    If you live in a cold climate I would recommend the 0W-30. If in a warmer climate then go with a 5W-30.

    I would only run 0W-30 myself. Or like in my Ford E350 van I run 0W-20.

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