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What do you listen to while driving?

Discussion in 'POLLing place' started by TrailLeadr, Apr 7, 2007.


What do you listen to while driving? (Public vote, your name will show)

  1. Rock/pop

  2. R&B/Rap/Hip-hop

  3. Country/Western

  4. Jazz

  5. Classical/Orchestra

  6. News/Sports/Talk

  7. My Passengers

  8. The parts falling off my ride

  9. Other

  10. Nothing

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr New Member 1000 Posts

    Just curious what our members are into.
  2. Cableguy

    Cableguy Active Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Mostly talk radio at work or soft rock. (keeps me mellow so I don't kill anybody at work) In my TB just whatever tinkles my fancy at the time, but if I'm feeling frisky I'll drop in a Green Day CD. :he:
  3. KD7ONE

    KD7ONE New Member

    I listen to the voices in my head telling me to stay on the road.
  4. unplugged

    unplugged New Member 1000 Posts

    I alternate between channels 7, and 165 and 168 on the XM radio in the work truck, and 106.5 in the burb.
  5. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member 1000 Posts

    Usually I listen to talk radio or one of the morning shows on the way to work. I used to listen to talk radio all day long, but now I find that i need upbeat music to help keep me awake throughout the day.
  6. cafs

    cafs New Member

    I voted for rock , but I pretty much go thru everything. Well almost everything...

    Since I drive for a living , the radio is on ALL the time . And Im getting Fussier and/or the stations are getting worse...I want a HD radio w cd player..

    Hmmm HD radio...surf rod holder...hd radio...surf rod holder ..... decisions decisions
  7. Davandy

    Davandy Moderator ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Mostly just the radio, and sometimes Queen my favourite band :great:
  8. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr New Member 1000 Posts

    Seems like no one realized that this was a multiple selection poll, besides Steve, and myself.
  9. Cableguy

    Cableguy Active Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Oh I didn't see that, Is there a test later? :he:
  10. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr New Member 1000 Posts

    Yeah but you already failed. Looks like it's summer school for you!

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