What do you pay for gas? Gas Prices Survey

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by ChevyFan, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Asphalt Animal

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    Currently ranging 3.91 - 4.05 here near Buffalo, NY

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    Not letting us tap more of our own oil reserves does nothing to lower prices. This does nothing to lower our dependence on foreign oil. The resident is aiding them by not letting us drill for more. But one of his appointed flying monkeys is on the record of saying they're fine with the price and hope it drives more people into the green cars we don't want.

    I also heard someone in the industry say they could drop the price by about a dollar if the resident would just sign a waiver to get rid of the EPA regulations which require the refineries to make several different blends of fuel for various regions of the country. The added blends they're required to make drives up the price.
  2. Coach24

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    Blends are not that expensive and in fact when using alcohol the cost falls dramatically.
    Blending fuels are nothing more than a switch. My father spent 40+ years with Chevron and was responsible for mixing fuels at the loading rack.
    They can use all the excuses in the world but it comes down to greed. All major oil companies are making record profits never before seen. But they can't reduce the cost of end users? Yeah and I have Ocen front property for sale here in Utah.

    Drilling will help. But at this time there are thousands of producing wells that have been capped , waiting for OPEC to drive up costs. Why do we have to pay opec prices when we have enough oil here to sustain our growth? Answer. Greed by politicians and oil barons.
    1. Venezuela — $0.18 per gallon

    2. Saudi Arabia- $0.48 per gallon
    3. Libya — $0.54 per gallon
    4. Turkmenistan — $0.72 per gallon
    5. Bahrain- $0.78 per gallon
    6. Kuwait — $0.84 per gallon
    Above are current cost at the pump for gasoline in gallons.
    Look at number 6. The country we protected and cost us billions and we never got any retribution, but they are gouging us on oil.
  3. Asphalt Animal

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    Someone in drilling told be years ago -- don't know how true it is -- but they were forced by the govt to limit the cost they could charge from oil from a well at a certain level based on the cost of oil when they first tapped the well. They said that was why you'd see a bunch of capped wells, with new ones right next to them. Like to know if that's true....
    Yes, there's a lot of hands in the till driving prices up, but I'll bet the government is racking in more in taxes from fuel than the oil companies are making per gallon.
  4. Coach24

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    I also have heard that but never really questioned dad about that particular issue. May be interesting to see if that still holds true.
    Meanwhile we got snow. Another 3" last night and the pump price climbed another 4 cents
  5. garys

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    For the moment and I mean moment, here in Hastings, Michigan it's at 3.97/gal. Was 3.99 over the weekend but has retreated 2 cents which always means a 15 to 20 cent hike will be coming in a day or two. When will the bubble burst and the rich start jumping from buildings. Wanna be there.......
  6. UsafMoore67

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    Hey Garys,

    My dad said it hit 4.00 in Muskegon, Michigan, here in Hampton Roads Virginia it is still only 3.60 lol
  7. Pikey

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    In lake orion, MI, we just hit $4.05. I drove a few miles to another city and found the cash price to be $3.61! I hit the ATM and filled the Yukon XL up. The news said to expect prices of $4.50-$5.00 this summer. I am glad that I topped the boat off before I put it in storage, glad it is a 4 cylinder and uses a tank every 2 weeks. At 12mpg while towing the boat we will not be going far this year, luckily the lake is 4 miles away.
  8. chilax

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    Paid 44.09 at shell this morning for 93 up here in NH... choke me please.... with the looks of gas prices coming this summer i guess ill be putting another v6 in the camaro just to commute... good lord...
  9. Untouchable

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    It's $3.49 in the Tulsa area...I went back home on Saturday and the price was $3.61...and Coach, you're right. We're actually exporting record amounts of gasoline and diesel right now too. Unfortunately, all the people in power want to do is tax the oil companies more, and cause prices to increase until we are forced to find other alternatives for fuel.

    I feel like we'll be living in a Mad Max kinda world soon.
  10. BrownPats420

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    The last of the v8's! lmao movies hilarious

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