What do you think of this Medium Brown Metallic Sierra?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by NEV3R L8, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. NEV3R L8

    NEV3R L8 New Member

    I haven't seen any lifted Sierras or Silverados in this color yet, unless I missed them. So what do you think? I think the black accent on the rims is what really makes the color look good.

  2. zach45

    zach45 Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

  3. retired2001

    retired2001 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I don't think I've seen one before either. Lookin' Good!
  4. adidasboy918

    adidasboy918 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    the dealership i bought my 07 had a few silverados in this color. they do like nice but i didn't want a brown truck. Kinda wished I would of got the Metallic Blue on my truck. Oh well I guess. I love my truck and thats all that matters to me.
  5. dwill3015

    dwill3015 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    That is a nice looking color!
  6. wallstetter

    wallstetter Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    real nice looking truck i like it a lot
  7. MWright936

    MWright936 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    That's freakin awesome! I don't think I've seen that color either. Me gusta!
  8. RockHead

    RockHead Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts ROTM Winner

    truck looks good but the rims Im not a fan of
  9. NEV3R L8

    NEV3R L8 New Member

    The color of the rims is a lil off because it was a copy and paste. They are more of a glossy look.
  10. ewarz

    ewarz Rockstar

    This is definitely not your mothers brown station wagon...

    i would have never have expected a brown to look so nice.

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