What does F O R D stand for

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by kennythewelder, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. ArtO

    ArtO New Member

    F***ing Owners Really Dumb
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  2. 66 chevyman

    66 chevyman Member 100 Posts

    First On Roadside Dump

    Ford backwards...Drive Road On Foot. :lol:
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  3. doublecardan

    doublecardan Member

    These are great!!!,

    Some other brands

    Dodge--Diesel on Dodge Garbage engine

    RAM- Retards are Mobile

    Mopar- My Ole Pig aint runnin

    GMC Get my Creeper

    BMW Big Morons Wheels, Break my Wallet, Big Money Wasted

    Fiat Fix it again Tony, Fix it again tomorrow

    SAAB Suckers are always Born
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  4. 4x4Zach

    4x4Zach New Member

    First on recall day
    Fast only rolling downhill
    Fork over repair dough
    Found on rednecks driveways
    Fails off road driving
    Fu***** obviously retarded driver
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  5. rustyk65

    rustyk65 New Member

    How about...

    Fill Oil Reserves Daily

    another for MOPAR

    made of paper and rust
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  6. McClintoc

    McClintoc ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ Staff Member 2 Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    LOL, nice!
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  7. JnBama

    JnBama Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

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  8. Megasaurus

    Megasaurus Rockstar 100 Posts

    Good thread. ? :eek:

    Fermented Old Ripe Doutches.
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