What does the 08-model cost?

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by darwin, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. darwin

    darwin New Member


    I love the 08 Chevrolet Suburban V8 with 300bhp.

    But I wonder about the price. Here in Norway it cost around $295 000. I think it to much for a car like this.

    What does it cost for a stock 08 suburan V8 in the US?

    (Maybe I need to emigrate to the US)
  2. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    $295,000 -$295000 USA dollars ??!!! Wow, what a rip off! A LT Suburban (leather seat covers all sorts of options) sells new for maybe $40,000.It might MSRP - Manufacturers Suggested List Price- at $46,000 but it will actually sell for much, much less. I saw a NEW not used 2008 LT Suburban on Ebay with a BIN of $32000 last week.It was a dealer in New Jersey. A 4X4 will be about $3000 more.

    You can buy a used 2004 4x4 LT with 60,000 miles for about $13000 on Ebay now.

    All used Suburbans are bargains now. The new ones are heavily discounted also- all because of $4 gallon gas which I guess would be a bargain for you guys.You pay how much- $8 gallon or about 1.4 Euros per liter?

  3. darwin

    darwin New Member

    Wow! Thats quite a difference. Yes it cost about 1 500 000 NOK which is about $295 000. I think its most of all because the "weight tax"

    And the gas is now about $11,1/gallon. ($2,94/litre).
  4. rgrs7

    rgrs7 New Member

    Holy that is expensive. Suburbans are more expensive in Canada than they are in the US. My '07 LS 4x4 model new here is $65,000. LTZ's are around $80 here. I picked mine up for $34k last November. Had 30,000 miles on it. So that was about 1/2 price.
  5. zippy

    zippy Rockstar 100 Posts

    Export model

    Hello and welcome, Darwin :sign0016:

    Here's a link to "list" prices and options for 2008 Chevy Suburbans. Edmunds The same site will lead you to specific unit prices. Please, keep in mind that it's based upon the US model. Does GM make an export model, or is each Suburban individually converted to European standards? In either situation, the cost is going to be significant. There are probably dozens of small changes that contribute to the costs.

    I recall reading about the Corvette export model, it had special wheels because the US wheels didn't provide the minimum fender cover required in Europe. The most obvious change was the supplemental lighting. The exterior mirrors had to be modified to meet European pedestrian impact safety standards. The list went on and on. Does anyone have specific information on export 'Burbs?

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