What does the Total Load Control system do?

Discussion in 'Total Load Control' started by ChevyFan, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Ok, I'm starting to gear up to start towing some serious trailers later this year, probably looking at a 25'+ trailer and will need a truck that can move that pretty well.

    The question is, what benefit does the TLC system offer to me over a stock system?

    (looking to get TLC John to answer this before anyone else chimes in)
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    Thx Steve,

    There are 2 main design differences between TLC™ and other "helper" systems. First, TLC uses 9" air springs which have more than 3 times the air volume of 6" helper springs. Bigger is definitely better and 3 times the air volume means TLC can level heavy loads much better at lower air pressures to maintain flexibility. Second, TLC's air springs are mounted at one end only so they are free to inflate and deflate out of the way. In this way, TLC adds to the factory suspension without interfering with it. Other systems are mounted to the frame at the top and bottom so the air springs affects the truck's suspension and the forces of the truck during driving over rough roads can actually break the air springs apart. This can't happen with TLC.

    The main benefits from having Total Load Control™? You might say, everything. Every leaf spring pickup has virtually the same technology as 1932 - not much improvement. With TLC you'll literally have total control of your truck whether driving without a load or hauling or towing a heavy load. The everyday ride is dramatically smoother with TLC and washboard roads virtually disappear. TLC acts like a super anti-sway bar keeping your truck flat around turns even at high speeds. TLC absorbs road shock and stops axle wrap and wheel hop. Finally, trucks are designed to work up to their maximum - GVWR and GCWR. But, the reality is, when you get near the weight limits - the leaf springs collapse, the rear end squats and you lose control because the front end lifts. With TLC this simply doesn't happen. While you should never exceed the GVWR or GCWR, with TLC, your truck will always be level, your front tires will be one the pavement and you'll be firmly in control.

    Air springs have been around a long time but they have never been used before the way TLC uses them - that's why TLC's inventors were awarded patents for their invention. Customers have told us they never experienced the full power of air springs until they tried TLC. Since TLC's air springs have more than 3 times the air volume of other systems, its not hard to understand why.

    You can see the difference when you compare air springs and system design.

    Its when you FEEL the difference that you'll never want to drive a truck without Total Load Control.

    TLC™ is the only air suspension with air springs attached at one end only - this allows TLC to not interfere with the factory suspension - but add 2 tons of lift when needed. Also, because of the large air springs, TLC operates at low air pressure so the air springs will improve everyday ride, steering and handling with or without a load.

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