What doesn't kill my truck, only makes it stronger!

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by ppettit2005, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Ok... So I was looking under my hood the other day and noticed that I have a coolant leak between my intake manifold and my driver side engine head... So when I have to pull off the front and top of the motor of my 1995 chevy tahoe 2-door 4x4 with the 350 TBI V8 to replace the gasket, I plan major upgrades!!! Because I mean, come on, when am I gonna have a better opportunity to do this?

    Anyway, I was thinking... I'd like to switch to some el-cheapo natural finish street legal aluminum Edelbrock heads for the centerbolt 350 TBI V8... which means new pushrods and roller bearings and camshaft because of the new valve train (I'm gonna get just a brand new version of the stock camshaft that I have though in order to stay street legal)... and I'd like to switch to a natural finish street legal GM performance parts intake manifold for the 350 TBI... and I'd like to switch out my throttle body for the bored out version of the 58mm TBI unit (LMC truck parts sells this and it is also street legal)... and a natural finish high amp alternator from powermaster... and maybe an el-cheapo gear drive timing system form summit racing parts... and some expensive ceramic coated street legal shorty headers (which means breaking off and drilling out a broken exhaust bolt that's gonna be stuck in my engine block)...

    I know that this is gonna be expensive (like new engine expensive, any one wanna start a donation?)... and at this point it's either fix this truck by just replacing the gasket, or fix up the whole darned thing, or just buy another used car... If I got another used car, then I'd wind up giving my Tahoe to my sister who hasn't treated it all that well (she's gotten stoned and driven it into things a few times) and I'd probably be getting a worse car than if I just upgraded the whole thing. I think that this truck deserves better than that though. This truck has been through a lot with me and even though I don't really like trucks in general, I've kinda come to love this one (even with all of the problems that I've had to fix on it)... So when I graduate from college this May, I'm gonna ask my parents to help me pay for/build all of this as a graduation gift.

    So do you guys think that this combination of all new (except the block and crankshaft) street legal parts will still be street legal or what? If not, what combination do you suggest? Do you guys have any of the same feelings for your vehicles? And lastly, does anyone in the North Texas/Dallas area wanna get to know me and want to help me build it?

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