What happened to GM's Certified Pre-Owned Warranty?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by sodbuster, Dec 10, 2012.

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    So I bought my truck about 9 months ago, and was told since it was certified that it came with a 12month/12,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Salesperson said to just keep a list of things that needed to be repaired and bring it would be taken care of. One of the issues I'm having is the seat tearing on the side, like someone else on the forum was having. You can feel a sharp piece of plastic just under the seat like a knife edge. Anyway, I bring it in to the dealer with my list of issues, and I get a call a few hours later, nothing is covered, not one thing. They wanted my to pay for diagnostic time to see if the repairs would be warranty. After much fighting the service manager said he was able to get GM to cover the repairs with a 75/25 split. But 25% will still be a lot of $$ when it should be fixed under the bumper to bumper no deductible warranty. Any thoughts? SB
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    If you still have a copy of the warranty paperwork and what the milage was at sales then you shouldnt have a problem, if you dont have and cant prove any of that, then you could be screwed and have to pay for all that. I had problems with my 2010 silverado and they tried to tell me i wasnt covered. It was brand new at time of purchase and im well below the milage. Just had to prove all that with paperwork.
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    [MENTION=58212]sodbuster[/MENTION] , I believe that you are in Michigan, what dealer are you going to? I agree with @sfdefender24 , go in with your paper work. It is cut and dry, less than 12 months 12000 then if it was bumper to bumper, then it should be covered. 75/25 sounds fishy to me. I have never heard of GM doing that. If you can not get them to fix it, contact GM customer service, you can also make a post in the GM customer service sub forum, evan seems helpful. I could see the fee if your truck just has the power train warranty, they want to make sure that it is covered under the warranty. But, if the repair is covered under power train you do not have to pay the fee. If it is something obvious like a slipping trans or something like that, then most dealer wave that fee because it is obviously covered under powertrain
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    Yea, they aren't denying that is not under warranty, they are telling me that GM is denying coverage and that their hands are tied. Pikey I'm going to LaFontaine GMC in Highland, MI
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    I must not live to far from you! I have heard great things about that dealership in the past. I have heard some not so great things recently. If they are not denying that is under warranty, but do not want to cover the things under the bumper to bumper warranty then I would give GM customer service a call. They will tell you right then if what you want covered is covered or not. If it is not covered I would go into the dealership sales department when it is busy. Talk to the guy you bought it from and explain that he lied about the bumper to bumper warranty and you want your truck fixed. Get a little loud, just loud enough that other customers can hear you, but not yelling, not losing your head. You might be surprised what the dealer might do to get you out of there. I find it odd that they say GM is denying the claim but they say GM will pay 75% of it. What kind of things are you trying to get fixed? The seat thing is something that usually would not be covered after the 3yr,32000 mile warranty. But, again if you got a bumper to bumper then I would say that it should be
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  6. GM Customer Service

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    I'm sorry you are having these issues. Could you PM me more information on your situation?

    Evan, GM Customer Service
  7. sodbuster

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    I'm over north of 59 by Hartland. Things that I'm trying to get covered are things like the drivers side window clicks and crunches on it's way down, I get a rattle from one vent when the AC is on, it will drive you crazy, leak from the trans cooler line. The seat with the hole worn through is from something inside the seat that let loose, it couldn't have been designed that way. Things that I think should be covered with a Bumper to Bumper. Funny thing is that I noticed a couple things that were wrong before I bought the truck, used car mgr told my salesperson to have me wait and have them fixed under warranty because then the $$ would come from GM, not the dealers refurb budget. Then when I brought it in I was told "nope, not going to cover that" To her credit the sales person went to bat for me on those two items, and those two things will be fixed by the used car dept.

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    Just sent you a PM Evan, thanks.

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