What happens if I continue to drive with a messed up transmission?

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  1. Strizzy_Calhoun

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    By no means am i proud of this post but i must ask. What ultimately happens to my transmission, engine,vehicle ect. If i continue to drive my truck with a bad tranny. I did a post at 215k about my tranny and how i lost my 3rd gear. Currently im at 228k still short on the money for a new one but wondering if im in danger of writing a check my ass cant cash lol. But seriously if you read this tel me all you know.

    95 Tahoe
  2. thegawd

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    does it skip 3rd or stay in second? if it stays in second I wouldnt drive at top speed so you dont burn up anything and get stranded on the side of the road. this site here has the best quick diagnostic info I know of.


    6. No 3rd or 4th gear: “3-4” clutches are worn out: Needs to be removed and rebuilt. The car is safe to drive (in 2) until you can get it fixed.
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  3. Strizzy_Calhoun

    Strizzy_Calhoun Member 1 Year

    Yes that is a good site....so me riding in 2nd gear eont mess up my engine
  4. thegawd

    thegawd Rockstar 2 Years 1000 Posts

    thats what I understand but I wouldnt push it to hard or it definitely will. as long as you can make it to ur able to have it rebuilt you should be ok.
  5. tbplus10

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    The key to not damaging other components is keeping the RPM's in a reasonable range. Yea a perfect world would allow you to be financially able to replace the trans.
    So far you've gotten decent miles after the trans has begun failing.
    Keep your RPM's low so you don't over rev the engine, you already know the trans is toast so its survival is just a waiting game.
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