What have u done to ur GM truck today? Part 2

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ChevyFan, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Oh this is gonna confuse people for a little bit.:gasp::grrrrrr::neutral::lol:

    On the other hand, I havent done anything to the truck today.
  3. Conlan Rose

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    I be first to post something Done on my truck.

    Today I finished the switch install into my new panel and checked its fitment and it looks amazing. Now I just need to seal the two halves and it'll be done!! Also I'm getting use to using my OBDII adapter it works amazingly. I just don't full understand some of the measurements like F/T% for the O2 sensors. and g/s for the MAF maybe a more tech savy person like [MENTION=51590]Pikey[/MENTION] can help me out with that :smile:

    IMG_20130607_123635.jpg IMG_20130607_123413.jpg IMG_20130607_123416.jpg IMG_20130607_123615.jpg IMG_20130607_123617.jpg
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    F/T% is fuel trim %. G/s for maf is an unit of measurement Grams/Sec. I found this explanation of fuel trim:

    Fuel trim is just as it sounds. It "trims" the mixture by adjusting the injector pulse width. Short term fuel trim is immediate adjustments and long term is as it sounds. You must add long term and short term to calculate total trim. This is important because if long term trim is 6% and short term trim is -3%, then total fuel trim is actually 3%.

    Fuel trim is calculated mainly based upon O2 sensor readings, but many other sensors are involved in the computer's complex calculations.

    if trim is positive, the ecm is adding fuel to the mixture, and if trim is negative, the ecm is subtracting fuel. If you see a trim which is about 15% or -15%, there is likely a problem, something like a vacuum leak or misfire. A fuel trim which is highly positive may indicate the ecms attempt to correct a lean conditions, and a higly negative trim is an attempt to correct for a rich condition. The ecm can only correct for a certain amount, then the check engine light will come on. This usually happens at about 20%-25%
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    Thank you very much for that info [MENTION=51590]Pikey[/MENTION]. These were the readings I was getting at idle once the truck was at temp today. For the MAF I just needed units because g can mean g's as gravities in the acceleration unit, g as in gallons in mpg, or g as in grams like it seems to be.
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    Took the phantom to the stealership yesterday because my dash told me to "service tire pressure monitoring system" Also the key fob would not work or be acknowledged by the truck. This happened one day a few weeks ago and then never happened again until yesterday so I drove it right to there. Well it appears that the 3rd brake light that I replaced with the smoked out one was leaking water and found its way to the module that controls these things. Luckily there was a service bulletin on the stock brake light having the same problem so they covered it. Im glad I hadn't seen what that bill would have been it took them almost 3 hours to fix it plus the cost of a new module. I remember when I put the smoked light in that the original seal and the new one was not of a very good quality. The mechanic that fixed it managed to gob silicone all around it including on my roof, tried wiping it off only smearing it and also never cleaned his hands when opening both drivers side doors leaving grease behind. Man I hate other people working on my stuff!!!
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    Installed this today
    I need to clean it up. Now I need to go to autozone and get the reusable K&N filter and some new floor mats... True CAI!
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    Acetone removes silicone fairly well. Not sure how it would be on your paint, maybe try some in a discreet location.

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