What have u done to ur GM truck today? Part 2

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ChevyFan, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Pikey

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    I installed new inner and outer tie rod ends, rear u joints, idler arm, and idler arm bracket. I would have done the pitman arm but, no one can find one. I tried to have it replaced when they did the gear box under warranty. I can't remember if I have the 3 spline or 4 spline. Whichever one it is, Napa, autozone, o'reilly's, car quest and advanced all show it in their system as unavailable! :grrrrrr: I will take it in the morning for an alignment. It took me about 4.5 hours total to do it. That includes a trip to the autoparts store that decided to lock their door 10 minutes early! the guy looked at me thru the glass and kept doing what he was doing. I will be discussing that with one of the three managers that I know there when they reopen.

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    Any updates on the results from your install? Better MPG?

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    Any updates on the results from your install? Better MPG?
  2. TimTom64b

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    I am still doing my tests... so far I am noticing about 1 mpg... not really much. But it is running cleaner at the tailpipe... less ccarbone Buildup. I have also noticed a smoother idle... and that annoying tick I had which I thought was related to loffers is gone. My thoughts are that it is doing what I anticipated... by refreshing the quality of the fuel. I will post more once I've run it a few weeks.

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    Readied my truck one step closer for winter... applied fluid film to the underside, insides of doors, rocker panels, fenders, tailgate, etc. Next week looking buff and seal the paint and should be ready.
  3. rileyjr16

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    Cleaned her tires with some carpet clean that has oxy clean in it (mostly for the white letters) and they cleaned up nicely. Other than that I've just been driving her around. Don't have a real place to do the work I want to do to her.

    Also noticed the headlight housing is cracked and has separated from the adjustment screws causing them to point down where I can barely see in front of me. Thinking about getting some stock Yukon or sierra Denali headlights with the projector lens to put on.
  4. Lordvader

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    Washed, liquid clay bar application, and then ice polish.
  5. dsfloyd

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    Washed it for the first time in probably a couple months:cool:
  6. jsmith4816

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    Tried to figure out where i'm losing oil. Its either from the right side of the oil pan or where the filter screws into (Can someone help me with a proper name?). It could be from somewhere higher and trickled down, but thats where I started.
  7. McClintoc

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    *** Lengthy Post Warning w/ PICS! ***

    So two weekends ago I did some work on my truck. I had several tasks to accomplish and made a few threads about them here and there. Here are the end results.

    1) Got my horn fixed. From the day I bought it, I thought it always sounded weak. Through some research, I find there are supposed to be two tones from the horn: the high and the low. Once I got under the truck (the horns are each behind the front bumper at each corner, just in front of the front tires) I found that I physically had both horns but only the low town was working. The high tone was easy to get to on the passenger side and I replaced it. Now I have a more robust horn with both tones. No pics.

    2) Replaced engine belts, tensioners, upgraded alternator and installed an AirAid Modular Intake Tube (MIT). The belts were OE from the factory and made it over 150,000 miles. I replaced them (2) and both tensioners. That task was easier than I thought it would be. The air intake tube and the 105A alternator were also both OE from the factory and both were replaced. I had to remove the air intake tube to get to the belts so I got an AirAid MIT to throw in there and then upgraded the alternator to a new 145A unit. In the future, I'll be adding some electrical components such as more lights and a stereo amp and sub. I went head and upgraded the alternator so I would only have to mess with the belts once.

    New MIT and alternator

    3) Replaced front wheel hub/bearing assemblies and replaced/upgraded the front brakes. For a few months now, my truck had been making these horrible screeching and grinding noises as it rolled. I had replaced the brake pads about a year ago so I didn't think it was the brakes. I figured, at more than 150,000 miles, the bearings were going out. I went ahead and ordered some new bearing/hub assemblies, brake rotors, pads and a Daystar 2" leveling kit.

    Replacing the bearing/hub assemblies and the brakes were all quite easy. None of my bolts were seized and everything came out and went in quickly and like it should. The leveling kit was a pain the A**! Turns out, the spring compression tool I borrowed from Autozone was the wrong one. They gave me a McPherson Strut compression tool and I needed a coil spring compressor. My dad and I could not get the leveling kit in for the life of us. But, we didn't know any better until we returned the compression tool. Sure enough, Autozone had a coil spring compressor like we needed but the idiot gave us the McPherson tool even though I told him what vehicle I was working on. I had never used a spring compressor so I didn't know any better. In the end, I did NOT get my leveling kit done but I still have it and now I know better. :p

    New hub/bearing from Moog

    New rotor - Duralast Gold Severe Duty

    All put back together

    Now for the PSA: check your brakes!!

    Turns out, my hub/bearings were NOT the problem. It was my brakes!! Some time after I replaced my pads a year or so ago, right front brake threw a pad - the inner one. It eventually wore down my brake rotor with all the metal on metal contact. It even fused the rotor to the hub/bearing assembly! Check out the aftermath...

    The right side (the inner side) of this rotor should be as thick as the left side

    This is that worn side

    The old front pads. The pair on the left is the front passenger side and the second from the left is the back plate that lost its pad.
  8. darnie1987

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    just gt the new fuel harness hooked up, hope to get the new turbo oil lines installed this weekend and maybe get a few dyno pulls in the next few weeks :0
  9. XS ive

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    Installed a set of "Mega Blast" air horns to make towing on the Cross Bronx Expressway a bit more...."enjoyable". :grrrrrr:
  10. 08silverado3500hd

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    Performance parts leveling kit. Before and after pictures.
    2008.jpg [​IMG]

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